Ponyville Station

Ponyville Station

Invite your guests to Ponyville to play games and get glamorous with the help of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle, StarSong, Toola-Roola, Scootalo and Cheerilee. Using our suggestions below, you can create stations to represent each of the My Little Pony's unique personalities. This party solution, will keep your guests busy for the entire event and everyone will go home with a piece of My Little Pony personality!

What You'll Need:

  • 6 tables or areas where each station can be set up.
  • For Rainbow Dash's Station: Dress up clothes for children that include fake jewelry, wigs and glamorous outfits. (Get some fun things from a thrift store!) Also have a mirror for the children to admire themselves in or have them take photos of each other with disposable cameras.
  • For Sweetie Belle's Station: Undecorated sugar cookies cut into fun shapes. To decorate, have icing, sprinkles and other cookie toppings.
  • For StarSong's Station: A karaoke machine or CD of children's dance music, a microphone and a video camera.
  • For Pinkie Pie's and Toola-Roola's Station: An arts & crafts activity like our My Little Sock Puppet craft materials or printed copies of our Color Your Own Pony.
  • For Scootaloo's Station: A hopscotch board drawn on the floor with masking tape and one smooth stone.
  • For Cheerilee's Station: Hair accessories, combs (one for each guest), hair glitter, fake hair extensions, and makeup.
  • 1 adult or teenager to supervise at every station.


Set up the Ponyville stations in different parts of the party area. Make sure you have one adult or teenager to help the children with each activity. You can label each station with the coordinating pony names and decorate them with matching streamer colors. Here are the six stations and its activity.

  1. Rainbow Dash's House: Have the children play dress up at this station and take each other's picture.
  2. Sweetie Belle's House: Have children decorate the yummy sugar cookies at this station.
  3. StarSong's House: Have the children sing along to their favorite songs and perform for the video camera at this station. Your adult helper can video tape the children.
  4. Pinkie Pie and Toola-Roola's Craft: Set up a craft activity for the children to create at this station. Let your adult helper get acquainted with the craft activity before the children arrive so they can help with instructions.
  5. Scootaloo's Playground: Coach the kids in a game of hopscotch at this station.
  6. Cheerilee's Beauty Parlor: Have your adult helper give each child a glamorous make over with a new hair style and makeup. Take pictures of each child.

At the Party:

Let the children choose which activities they want to participate in or let them spend about 20 minutes at each station in groups of three or four. When it's time for a station switch, you can announce 'it's time to gallop, ponies!"

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