My Little Sock Puppet

My Little Sock Puppet

What You'll Need:

  • Enough child-sized long socks in an assortment of colors for each guest to have one. Great colors would be yellow, pink, light blue, purple or rainbow.
  • Wiggly eyes or buttons that match (wiggly eyes with sticker backing are better)
  • Different colors of yarn
  • Felt and/or Felt Stickers
  • Markers
  • Glitter
  • Sequins and other decorative items
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

  1. Cut some of the felt into shapes that look like hearts, stars, diamonds, clouds, music notes and any other shapes you can think of.
  2. Cut felt in small in the shape of triangles for ears.
  3. Cut some black felt in small circles for nostrils.
  4. Prepare the mane for the ponies by doing the following:
  • Choose pretty colors of yarn or have the children pick their own colors at the party.

  • Cut 10 strands of yarn about 4-5 inches long.

  • Tie the pieces together in a knot at the top of the strands.

  • When the child is finished decorating their sock puppet, use scissors to cut a very small hole on top of the pony's head. Then, push the knot of the hair through the hole.

  • Turn the sock puppet inside out and double knot the yarn so that it's bigger than the hole.

  • Turn the sock puppet right side out.

  • Cover the hole by tying a strand of ribbon into a bow and placing it at the top of the pony's new mane.

  • You can use the same technique to create pony tails for the sock puppets too!

At the Party:

Have your guests follow these steps to make a My Little Sock Puppet. Encourage creativity! Children can put on a puppet show when they are finished!
  1. Place your hand inside the sock to form a blank sock puppet.
  2. Add wiggly eyes or buttons with glue (or use the sticker wiggly eyes with no glue).
  3. Add two black nostrils for the nose.
  4. Add two triangles for ears.
  5. Decorate the back of the sock puppet with felt shapes, markers, sequins and other decorative items.
  6. Have an adult add the mane and a tail. You can even braid them if you'd like.
  7. Now that your sock puppet is complete, why not give it a name?

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