Talent Show Time

Talent Show Time

What You'll Need:

  • Props, costumes, instruments and fashion accessories
  • Chairs
  • A video camera (optional)
  • Stickers or small prizes (optional)

  1. Set up an area outside or indoors to designate as the stage area.
  2. Set the chairs up in rows facing the stage.
  3. Set up a video camera to record the show. (optional)

At the Party:
  1. Tell the children that in 20 minutes they will participate in a talent show!
  2. Give the children some ideas such as singing, playing an instrument, performing a play, doing a magic trick or telling a joke. They can perform solo or in groups.
  3. If a party guest is too shy to perform they can judge the talent show or be in charge of props.
  4. Give the children 20 minutes to prepare for the show and then announce "It's show time!"
  5. Instruct the audience to take their seats in front of the stage.
  6. Elect a person or group to perform first. Have your video camera ready!
  7. After each performance, be sure to applaud. If you'd like, award each performer with a sticker or small prize.
  8. If you record the show, burn DVDs to mail along with your thank you notes.

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