A Musical Story

A Musical Story

What You'll Need:

  • A copy of A Musical Story to read out loud (found below)
  • 1 instrument for each child

At the Party:
  1. Tell the children that you are going to read them a story.
  2. Then, tell the children to play their instruments when they hear you say a word relating to music.
  3. Now, pass out the instruments and read the following story. All the music related words are bold so you know when to pause.
  4. You can print this story easily by clicking the "printer-friendly" link on the top right corner of this activity.

A Musical Story

Once upon a time, there was a turtle named Timatoo. Timatoo lived in a very loud pond along with ducks, geese, fish and frogs. All the animals in the pond loved to play music. The ducks quacked so loud it sounded like trumpets were playing. The geese honked so gracefully it sounded like singing. The fish and the frogs swam so fast it sounded like violins were humming. But Timatoo made no sound at all.

One day, Timatoo tried to quack like the ducks but only a whisper came out. The next day, Timatoo tried to honk like a goose but again, nothing came out. On the third day, Timatoo swam as fast as he could but instead ended up swimming in circles. Timatoo gave up trying to play music and sat quietly on a rock.

Just then, a squirrel named Jillacole approached the pond and saw Timatoo sadly sitting on the rock.

"What's wrong?" the squirrel asked.

"Everyone in the pond can play music except for me," Timatoo answered.

The squirrel listened and heard what sounded like trumpets playing, geese singing, and violins humming. But something was missing.

"I know how I can help!" Jillacole the Squirrel exclaimed.

Jillacole grabbed two sticks and began drumming on Timatoo's shell. All the other pond animals gathered around to listen. All at once, the ducks quacked like trumpets, the geese sang and the fish and frogs swam so fast it sounded like violins playing.

That night the pond animals gave their best performance with the help of Timatoo and his new friend Jillacole. Timatoo loved playing music and the best part was his instrument was always on his back.

The end.

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