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Music Party Ideas

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Whether your child enjoys singing, playing an instrument, or just banging on pots and pans, a music themed birthday party is sure to be a hit! Read on for music themed party tips including invitations, decorations, food, favors and games! Shop all our Music Party Supplies Browse this guide: Music Invitations Music Decorations Music Food Music Party Favors Music Games & Activities

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party? In addition to basic Music party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Music party:
  • Toy guitars, maracas, kazoos, recorders, drums, tambourines and other musical instruments
  • Kid-friendly music such as Disney songs, Nick Jr. show songs or other popular songs
  • Inflatable instruments
  • A karaoke machine
  • A video camera
  • Costume accessories such as sunglasses, wigs and plastic jewelry
Music Party Invitation Ideas Form a band by inviting your guests to audition at the music party! Create musical themed invitations yourself or use our personalized rock invitations. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking musically.
  • Write a song with lyrics about the party including where the party is located, who's coming and other party details. Record the song on to a CD and mail it instead of a paper invitation.
  • Ask your child to create a band name and then make a flyer for the party that looks like a band poster. Mail the flyers to your guests with a bit of glitter in each envelope.
  • Create invitations that look like concert tickets. The details on the tickets will be your party information. Mail the tickets with a picture of your child playing their favorite instrument or singing.
  • Print out blank sheet music and draw notes on the staff lines. Write the following rhyme below the staff lines along with the party details.
We're forming a band and we need you,To play the drums or blow a kazoo! Laura's birthday party is playing in your town, So bring an instrument and let's make some sound!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Music Party Decoration Ideas
  • Create a stage for your music party by covering a large piece of thick plywood with black felt. Set up lighting using floor lamps and place a drum set, microphone and keyboard on the stage.
  • Hang disco balls from the ceiling along with blank CDs and records.
  • Set up a karaoke machine and video tape performances. Mail the recordings on DVDs along with your thank you notes.
  • Hang a banner on your front door that says "Concert Tonight - Sold Out!"
  • Place bins around the room filled with musical instruments. Place toys and other non-party related items away from the party area.
  • Decorate the walls of the party room with old framed record album covers.
  • Draw black staff lines on a white table cover. Then cut music notes out of construction paper and place them on the staff lines. Set the table on your handmade table cover!
Music Party Food Ideas Serve your little musicians small portions of pizza or slice hot dogs, hamburgers or sandwiches in half. Less food will be wasted and hungrier band members can choose to eat more. Additionally, here are some suggestions for music inspired food you can serve.
  • Drum sets: Serve chocolate pudding snack cups with pretzel rods. Children can drum on the closed snack cups with the pretzels and then dip them in the pudding to eat!
  • CD Pizza: Make pizza bagels and label them "gold records."
  • Ice Cream Microphones: Serve ice cream cones with chocolate sprinkles covering a scoop of ice cream.
  • CD Sugar Cookies: Frost round sugar cookies in white frosting and add on details, such as the center hole and a band name using frosting.
  • Pickle-los: Serve pickles and label them "pickle-los."
Music Theme Cake Idea Create a music inspired cake using our design below as your template.
  1. Bake a rectangular cake and then frost it with white icing.
  2. Create a music staff on the cake using red or black licorice string. Make sure to leave room at the top of the cake to write the Happy Birthday message.
  3. Place gumdrops on the music staff to look like notes.
  4. Draw a treble clef and the top of the music notes using black icing.
  5. Write "Happy Birthday" at the top of the cake using icing.

Party Favor Ideas

Music Party Favor Ideas Keep your guests dancing to the beat by sending them home with the following music themed favors.
  • Mini maracas, kazoos or harmonicas
  • A CD of your child's favorite music
  • Star-shaped sunglasses
  • An inflatable guitar or microphone
  • Music themed stationary items
  • Personalized rock star favors such as stickers, zipper pulls and buttons
  • Complete music favor sets

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