Movie Party Ideas

Movie Party Ideas Bookmark and Share If you have a movie buff in your family, they're sure to love aparty that celebrates their love of cinema! Our Movie Party Ideas offersuggestions about how to incorporate movie magic into everything from your invitations to your activities at your upcoming event. When you plan your next party using this guide you'll be sure to have all of your guests feeling like celebrities. Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled and photographed this stunningmovie party for us. Shop ourMovie Party Supplies Browse this guide:


Planning & Invitations

The first tasks on the list when it comes to planning your party will be selecting a date, time, and location for the event. Hosting the party at your own home is a great option because it provides you a little more freedom to be creative and is a comfortable space for your child. Alternate locations for this theme might include a movie theater or community center. For additional ideas, see our article on When and Where to Have the Party. Movie Party Invitations Get guests excited for the event by sending outfun and unique invitations! Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Use black and white construction paper and white stick-on letters to design your invitation like a director's clapboard.
  • Design your invitations to look like movie tickets, with a perforated line on one end. Tear that end off of each guest's ticket when they arrive at the party.
  • Cut a star out of gold card stock and add a sticker or photo of a director's chair in the middle, so it resembles a star on the Walk of Fame. Write the invitee's name in large block font on the front and all the party details on the back.
  • Line the edges of a piece of white card stock with sections of real movie film (you can usually get odd pieces from movie theaters). Write your party details in the middle.
  • Include creative wording for your party details, such as:
Event: Amanda's 10th birthday Setting: 123 Celebrity Lane Curtain Opens: 2 PM RSVP: to the Director: 555-123-4567


What Do I Need For the Party?
Football Pinata
Basic party supplies include tableware, such as plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery. Additionally, you'll want to includeatablecloth, streamers, and balloons. If you want to purchase themed tableware, instead of solids, consider our selection of Movie Inspired Party Supplies, or our generic Movie Pattern. You may also want to rent or purchase other items to fit your theme, such as: To help you with your shopping, take a look at our Suggested Party Supply List. It's a great guide when it comes to determining what you need.


Decorating & Food Ideas

Movie Party Decorations
Red Carpet Wall Decoration
Lights, camera, action! Create the ultimateparty environment withdecorations that fit your movie theme. Here are some ideas:
  • Run a "red carpet" up to your front door using a roll of red gift wrap paper or red felt from the fabric store.
  • Hang a banner above the party entrance that reads "V.I.P. Entrance".
  • Balloons are a must at every party! Group together three helium balloons and anchor them with balloon weights around the party area. Add star-shaped Mylar balloons to some of the groups for added effect.
  • Purchase posters showcasing your child's favorite movies and tack them to the walls of the party area. Life size stand-ups of your child's favorite movies can also be awesome for the scene.
  • Cut large star shapes out of gold-colored paper and write a guest's name on each star. Place these in a line along one wall of the party area. Hang a sign above the stars that reads "Wall of Fame".
  • Set out a line of mini award statues down the middle of the main food table. These can be given away as party favors at the end of the party!
  • Print out movie stills from your child's favorite movies and attach them in a line to a strand of ribbon. Use this as garland and hang it from the ceiling.
  • Hang a Movie-inspired pinata in the party area that can be used as a decoration before the activity begins. Remember, you can transform any pinata into a pull-string with these easy instructions.

food-ideas Movie Party Food Ideas Serve food inspired by the movies and your guests are sure to feel like real stars. Here are some ideas:
  • Popcorn withPizzazz- Serve freshly popped popcorn in traditional popcorn bags and let your guests add toppings of cinnamon, powdered cheese, salt & pepper, or chocolate sprinkles.
  • Shaped Sandwiches - Use cookie cutters in the shape of a clapboard, star, and movie projector to cut out sandwiches. Serve them on a silver platter.
  • Movie Munchies - Class up traditional movie candy - like milk duds, junior mints, licorice, and gummy candies - by serving them in small, clear, glass vases.
  • Relaxing Refreshments - Serve sparkling cider, juice, lemonade, and ice water in plastic champagne glasses.
  • Star Snacks - Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut stars out of sliced cheese and deli meat. Serve with crackers on a nice platter.
  • Fruit Tray - A party favorite! Have chocolate sauce, yogurt, and caramel sauce available for dipping.
  • You're a Star! Cupcakes - Bake traditional cupcakes and frost them in white frosting. Cut star shapes out of milk chocolate bars using a small cookie cutter or sharp knife (you may have to warm the chocolate bars just a touch to get them soft enough to cut). Place the stars on top of the cupcakes. In white decorator icing, write a guest's name on each star.

Party Favor Ideas

Movie Party Favors As the stage lights dim and the last paparazzi picture has been taken, send your little movie stars home with party favors that fit your theme. You could give one large favor, such as a gift certificate to a local movie theater, or combine smaller favors such as an award statue, movie candy, stickers, and disposable cameras in a nice favor bag. To save time, you can also opt formovie-inspired favor sets, which include matching favor bags. Or, consider using personalized movie favors. Choose from bag tags, zipper pulls, magnets, and more, all personalized with your guests' names or a personal message from you!
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Games and Activities

Famous Girls Quiz

Quiz the group on the famous girls they should all know.

High School Musical Trivia Game

See how wellyour little stars on how well they know their favorite musical!

Hannah Montana Trivia Game

Test the attendeeson how well they know their favorite show!

Name That Mutant

See who can guess the correct mutant based on a description of their powers.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a custom scavenger hunt that all of your guests will enjoy.


No matter the age group, your guests will love this fun guessing game.

Famous Person Puzzle

Who will be the first person to finish their puzzle and guess their celebrity?

Hollywood Charades

See how well your guests can act out words that have to do with the movies.

Lights, Camera, Action!

It's showtime! Test your guests' acting ability with this fun activity.

Movie Coloring Page

Your little movie buffs will love coloring this free printable coloring sheet.

Name That Movie Tune

How well do your guests know movie theme songs? Find out with this game.

Popcorn Balls

This party snackis easy to make and is popping with flavor!

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