Monsters University Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Don't get scared about planning the perfect event. Just look to our Monsters Inc. party ideas guide for tips and tricks on how to serve up the best decorations, invitations, food, favors, and games. If your child loves Mike, Sully, and the rest of the Monsters University crew, they will love having a monster themed birthday!

Monsters Inc. Party Planning & Invitations

In addition to basic party supplies like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your monster party:

  • Monsters Inc. toys, action figures, and stuffed animals
  • Monsters Inc. and University DVDs
  • Disney party supplies
  • Doors found at thrift shops

If you do not have the time to make your own invitations, consider our personalized invites that include your child's name and all the party details. Creative invitations build excitement and set the mood for the party before it even starts! Fit your theme by matching the colors of your invites to the color scheme. If you have the time to make your own invitations, here are a few Monsters Inc. party birthday invitation ideas:

  • Include a Monsters Inc. sticker or tattoos with your invitation and seal the envelope with a personalized sticker printed with your party details.
  • Cut out a green circle and paste a smaller white circle on top of it. Color a dot in the center to create a Mike Wazowski invitation. Flip the eyeball over an write your party details on the back. You can make a Sully invite with blue construction paper decorated with purple polka dots.
  • Ask guests to dress up as their favorite Monsters Inc. character or wear scary monster accessories.

Monsters Inc. Party Decorating & Food

Create a scarily impressive party look with Monsters University decorations like these:

  • Cut out green eyeball shapes to hang on your walls.
  • Use old tennis ball tubes or chip containers to create scream canisters. Cover the tubes in yello construction paper and decorate with red gauges and other details from the movie. Group them by the party table or use them to weigh down Monsters University balloons.
  • Find old doors at a thrift show or recycling center. Place them around your party area as decoration or turn one into a bench or table.
  • Decorate a monster University theme with college gear. Pennant banners, backpacks, and school supplies can become a part of your monster decorations! Cut out Monsters University logos to make It look more like a college campus!
  • Tape purple polka dots to blue latex balloons to create Sully-inspired decor. Tape a white circle to green balloons for a Mike look.

It can be fun to prepare and serve party food that fits your theme. For a Monsters Inc. Party, try foods that are blue and green to match Mike and Sully!

  • Frost cupcakes to look like the main characters of the Monsters Inc. series. Use green frosting and a white center for Mike and blue frosting with purple candies to make Sully theme cupcakes.
  • Serve snacks with monster names like "Wazowski Wafers", "Sully Sandwiches", and "Boo-berry Smoothies".
  • Serve healthier snacks that look like monsters. Put googly eyes on Clementine oranges, put a chocolate chip in the center of banana slices to make one-eyed monsters, and use other fruits with blueberries for eyes.
  • Create a green and blue fruit and veggie tray that will match your Monsters Inc. party decorations. Serve foods like green grapes, celery, broccoli, and peppers.
  • In Monsters Inc., Mike and his girlfriend go out to a sushi restaurant. Serve up simple suhi with foods kids will enjoy. Rice, seaweed, cucumber, and egg rolls are simple to make and have flavors kids are used to. Mix and match ingredients to give your sushi platter some variety. You can also make pb&j rolls to match the sushi idea. Simply spread peanut butter and jelly on one side of crustless bread and roll it up. Slice each roll into pieces for a sushi style.

Monsters Inc. Party Favors

Now that your Monsters Inc. party is over, send your guests home with a smile with Monsters Inc. favors such as:

  • Send Monsters University favors home in a pencil case or use a "scream canister" made from cardboard tubes to put a twist on normal loot bags.
  • Glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark stickers
  • Costumes
  • Party candy and personalized lollipops
  • Hard hats with the Monsters Inc. logo
  • Check out our Monsters Inc. party supplies page under the "Party Favors" and "More Fun Stuff" tabs for great Monsters Inc. party treats!

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