Monster Mealtime

Monster Mealtime

What You'll Need:

Gather a variety of slippery food items and rename them with a monster theme. For example, soft green gelatin can be called troll guts, cooked spaghetti can be dragon intestines, olives can be vulture eyes, and a head of cauliflower can be Godzilla's brain. Be creative with food items in your home!

How to Play:

Place the bowls of food on a table or counter and cover each with a napkin so the contents cannot be seen yet. Have the children form a circle and uncover the first bowl. Explain what monster food it contains, and pass it around for the guests to feel. Let the children touch the food, but to avoid spreading germs, they should not eat from the bowls. Be prepared for lots of 'ewwwww, that's gross" exclamations from the guests!

Variation: For older children, use a blindfold and let them guess what food item is really in the bowl.

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