Monogram Keepsakes

Image of a Monogram Letter M

Choose of the three activities below to entertain your party guests at your preppy party. The children will love the keepsakes they create with their very own monograms!

Monogram Photo Boxes:

Children can make their own keepsake photo boxes with these instructions.

  1. Buy solid color photo boxes at your local craft store, and large letter stickers.
  2. Make sure you get the appropriate letters for each party guest.
  3. At the party, instruct the children center their letter sticker on the lid of the box.
  4. Then, they can decorate the outside of the photo boxes with markers, paint, foam stickers or other decorations you have available.
  5. When they go home, they can place keepsakes or photographs inside their boxes.

Framed Monogram Letter:

Children can create beautiful monogram wall hangings to display in their rooms.
  1. Purchase small photo frames for each guest, preppy Lilly Pulitzer-inspired wrapping paper or fabric, and foam sticker letters that are big enough to fit in the frame.
  2. Make sure you get the appropriate letters for each party guest's first initial.
  3. Cut the wrapping paper or fabric into squares or rectangles that are the same size as your frames. Cut one for each child.
  4. At the party, let the children decorate their foam letters with glitter, foam sticker shapes, sequins or markers.
  5. Then, instruct them to peel off the backing of the letter and center it on top of the wrapping paper or fabric.
  6. Now place the child's creation in the photo frame and it's ready to hang!

Monogram Stationary:
  1. For this activity you will have to make Marbled Paper first with the children.
  2. It's a good idea to do this activity at the beginning of the party so that the paper has time to dry.
  3. Once the paper is dry, let the children stamp their initials at the top center of each sheet of paper. You can find stamps and ink at a local craft store ahead of time.
  4. Let the children make about 10 pieces of paper each.
  5. If you'd like, can you send each child home with to go with their stationary!

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