Monkey Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Does your child like to pretend they are a little monkey? Or maybe they love Curious George! Either way, you can celebrate and go wild with our monkey party ideas. Our guide includes party ideas for monkey invitations, monkey decorations, monkey games, monkey inspired food and monkey favor ideas. 

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party? 

In addition to basic Monkey party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Monkey party:
  • Stuffed monkeys and stuffed bananas
  • A jungle gym
  • Monkey masks or monkey costumes
  • Fake plants, flowers, vines and bamboo

Monkey Party Invitation Ideas 

To save money, you can make your own monkey party invitations. This can be a fun activity for you and your child to do together on a rainy day. Here are some invitation ideas for your upcoming monkey party!
  • Take a photo of your child on a swing or in a tree. Use the picture as the front of your invite and write a poem (like the one below) on the inside.
  • Take a photo of you and your child making a funny face. Write "Monkey see. Monkey Do!" on the front of the card with the photo. Include the party information on the inside.
  • Create monkey tails with long strips of brown felt threaded with elastic string. Include the tails with the invitations for your guests to wear at the party.
  • Cut yellow construction paper into the shape of a banana and write "we're going bananas" on the front. On the back draw a picture of a monkey with the following poem and party information.
Swing into the fun on Fiona's birthday!We'll monkey around. So please come and play. The jungle's close by, the bananas are ripe. So climb up our tree and join in the hype!

Monkey Around Invitations and Thank Yous

Monkey Around Invitations and Thank Yous is empty.

Decorating & Food Ideas

Monkey Party Decoration Ideas 

  • Create a whimsical jungle using homemade trees. Cut construction paper into leaf shapes. Then paint paper towel rolls brown and tape the paper leaves to the tube. Stack the trees as high as you'd like using tape to hold the tubes together.
  • Place bunches of bananas and oranges (real or plastic) on the party table.
  • Hang green streamers from the ceiling to look like vines. You can twist two together or let the streamers naturally hang. You can also hang "vine" streamers around the border of the party table and in door frames.
  • Arrange inflatable palm trees around the room along with stuffed monkeys.
  • Decorate your walls with jungle wall hangings, monkey wall stickers and large construction paper bananas.

Monkey Around Decorations

Monkey Party Food Ideas 

In addition to pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers or hotdogs, you can add some Monkey themed food into the mix. Here are some suggestions.
  • Slice coconuts in half and use the shells as cups. Then prepare chocolate banana smoothies to serve to your guests. In a blender, combine 1 banana, 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup, 1 cup milk and 1 cup crushed ice. Blend until smooth and serve!
  • Arrange a colorful fruit and veggie tray for your guests to enjoy. Monkeys love oranges and bananas, so be sure to include orange and banana slices for your little monkeys!
  • Prepare monkey bread using an easy to follow recipe.
  • Create monkey cupcakes by frosting a cupcake with chocolate icing. Then add 2 M&M green candies for eyes, 2 chocolate chips for nostrils, 1 banana-shaped candy (like Runts) for the mouth and 2 mini Oreo cookies for the ears!

Party Favor Ideas

 Monkey Party Favors Send your little monkeys home with adorable monkey favors! Here are some suggestions that will drive them bananas!
  • Monkey shaped lollipops
  • Monkey stickers
  • Silly straws
  • Banana chips, fruit snacks and trail mix
  • Curious George favors like bubbles, stickers and masks
  • Small plush monkeys

Also check out our complete favor sets and personalized products such as zipper pulls, placemats, and coloring books.

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