Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the Middle

The objective of this game is for the "monkey in the middle" to catch a stuffed monkey that the other children throw back and forth.

What You'll Need:

  • A monkey stuffed animal

At the Party:

Note: This game is best played in a large area where nothing can break.
  1. Stand the children in a big circle. Make sure they are spread out so that they won't bump into each other (arm's length apart is good).
  2. Now choose one person to be the "monkey in the middle."
  3. The monkey stands in the middle of the circle.
  4. Hand the stuffed monkey to one of the children in the circle.
  5. The children in the circle must throw the stuffed monkey back and forth to each other. The monkey in the middle must try to intercept and catch it.
  6. Once the stuffed animal is caught by the monkey in the middle, the stuffed monkey gets passed to whoever threw it they become the new monkey in the middle. The former monkey in the middle joins the circle for the next round.
  7. Continue playing as long as the children are entertained.

  • If you have a lot of children, you can have two monkeys in the middle and two stuffed monkeys.
  • You can also play with just 3 children! Have one child stand on each side of the monkey in the middle and the two players can toss the monkey back and forth to keep it away from the third player.
  • Try this game out in the pool with a beach ball instead of a stuffed monkey!

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