Moana Party Supplies

Moana made a huge splash when she joined the Disney family. What's not to love about the blue skies, ocean spray and magic? Disney's Moana is about an adventurous teenage girl who throws caution to the wind to save her island and the people she loves. Along the way, she meets a once-powerful demigod named Maui, and together, they cross the dangerous ocean in search of Goddess Te Fiti's missing relic. On this journey, we get to see exactly who Moana is. She is kind, brave, and isn't afraid to fight for what she believes is right. In the end, not only does Moana find Te Fiti's missing relic, but she also finds herself.

The movie uses brightly colored flowers, lots of leafy green flora, and earth-toned outfits to create an island vibe that feels friendly and inviting. So, if like Moana, "there is just no telling how far you'll go" for your kid's birthday party, then we're here to help you create a Moana-themed birthday party. Let's dive right into the ocean of Moana party supplies we have to offer!

Get Inspired by These Moana Party Ideas

There are tons of ways to bring the fun of Moana to life at your themed birthday party. You can get inspired by all the invitations, decorations and Moana party supplies offered on our website or turn to our Moana party guide for ideas. There, you'll find helpful tips and tricks to guide you through the party planning process created by our expert party planners! 

If your little one is looking to join Moana on her adventure to get the heart of Te Fiti, that's something to celebrate. Your brave adventurer will go from belting out the Moana soundtrack to hosting the most Hawaiian-inspired birthday party on the block. The sea is calling and it wants you to bring the world your little princess loves to life with a Moana birthday party!

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