Disney Moana Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on September 11, 2017

Your little girl has belted out the Moana soundtrack, she’s laughed along at Hei Hei’s silliness, she bravely had Moana’s back when trying to get the heart of Te Fiti and now she wants to host a Hawaiian Moana party theme with her best friends. Give your little princess what she wants as the sea is calling for one epic Moana birthday party! Hone your inner Hawaiian and stage a fun party scene complete with a Moana stand up for a fun photo op, a round of the limbo and yummy treats that would remind her of a fun time on Motunui!


Guests will have to journey beyond the reef in order to make an appearance at your Moana birthday party. Happiness is where you are so invite them to come to you with a Moana themed party invite.


The dessert table is the main attraction to any party meant for kids. Hone your inner Hawaiian and dress your table like it’s one of Moana’s village feasts! A grass skirted table, bamboo printed backer and paper fans turn a set of boring tiered tables into a dessert bar. Prop two mini bamboo torches on each side of the table but use colorful tissue paper instead of flames for safety!

Moana didn’t complete this task alone, she had one loveable demigod by her side. These Maui and Moana themed plates are the perfect place settings for the deserts they are about to enjoy! Fill any gaps on your table with figurines from your toy collection.

Make sure all your guests are dressed the part so they feel part of this Hawaiian adventure! Place grass skirts at each seat and encourage them to get in character when singing along to the soundtrack blasting at your Moana birthday party!

Food & Drink

On Motunui they share everything they make so share in the sugary assortment of goodies when singing happy birthday.
Hawaii’s landscape offers lots of delicious fruits so play it up on your party table, whether it is a cut of a sweet fruit or just something that LOOKS like one.
Pineapple is a must in your fruit assortment but those with a bigger sweet tooth might like glazed donuts made to look like this sweet fruit with the help of glittered paper and a toothpick. No big cookie decorating session is needed for this Moana party. Turn delicious homemade or store bought sugar cookies into the Heart of Te Fiti with the help of green icing.

Moana might have ignored her father’s rule that no one goes beyond the reef, but she did so on an elegant boat! Feature this boat and its unique sail design on top of a set of cupcake with fun printable cupcake toppers.


Most of your party may be spent poolside but have a fun activities up your sleeves for the downtime.

  • Get a round of limbo going to see how low you can go!
  • Practice the hula in the grass skirts you gave at each seat.
  • Take photos with Moana who comes to your big day in the form of a cardboard standup.


While no on leaves when living on the island of Motunui, guests have to leave your party sometime!  When it comes to party favors, turn a plain bag into an assortment of Kakamora, the tribe of pirates dressed in coconuts using free party printables.

Fill them with items that center about the movie’s namesake including play packs, tattoos, favor cups and coloring books featuring Moana and Maui.

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs has got party planning for littles down to a science. This post was written, shot and styled by her. Drift on over to her blog for more inspiring tips about parties and everyday family life.

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