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Any child who enjoys the clear blue skies and ocean spray of summer very likely has a soft spot for Moana. The movie has a litany of child friendly themes – from catchy musicals to lovable characters and brightly colored scenery – that serve as a backdrop to the main character’s heroism. Moana tells the story of an adventurous teenage girl who throws caution to the wind in order to save her island and the people she loves. Along the way, she meets a once powerful demigod by the name of Maui, and together, they cross the perilous ocean in search of Goddess Te Fiti’s missing relic. This journey unfolds to show exactly who Moana is. She is kind, she is brave, and she isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes is right. In the end, not only does Moana find Te Fiti’s missing relic, she also finds herself. The movie uses brightly colored flowers, lots of leafy green flora, and earth toned outfits to create an island vibe that feels friendly and inviting. So, if like Moana “there is just no telling how far you’ll go” for your kid’s birthday party, then we’re here to help you create a first-rate Moana themed birthday party that pulls from Disney’s instant classic and delivers it as a memorable package for anyone who enjoyed this film.

Invitations & Thank Yous

First things first, you’re going to want to get a list of attendees in order. One of the best ways to do so is with personalized invitations! Not only do they allow you to track who your child is inviting, but they do so in the spirit of the theme you are building on. This allows you to set the tone right from the start. Pairing the festive invitations with equally pleasing thank you notes is a great way to wrap up the fun in an impactful way.


The next thing on your agenda should be tableware. This is where the devil in the details will really shine. Tableware – such as our Moana Deluxe Tableware Kit – can be a one stop shop for décor’s sake. That is because it includes cake plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, forks, spoons, crepe paper streamers and even candles! All of the pieces are also printed with vibrant pictures of Moana and Maui in action.


No Moana themed birthday party would be complete without decorations, and we have a large variety for you to choose from! It really comes down to what you are hoping to achieve with your specific décor. For instance, pairing a green grass table skirt with an undersea wall decoration and an inflatable palm tree cooler can transform any standard room into a beachy paradise! Add to that a blue light filter and a tiki bubble machine and voila, you’ve taken the party under water!


However the theme is shaping up, and despite the elements you decide to showcase, one thing should not be forgotten – the birthday boy or girl, of course! That’s where personalization options come into play. Put the special child’s name on a big, Moana themed banner with one of many banner rolls dedicated to the occasion. There are also gift bags to be personalized and handed out to guests, personalized party mats, and many more options available to customize your kid’s Moana themed party.

Favors & Gifts

Some people say that gift giving is far better than receiving, and you know what? We agree! And with our large selection of Moana themed party favors and gifts, being a giver has never been easier! Stock up on 16 oz. Moana printed plastic cups, Moana tattoo sheets, Moana flower hair clips, and pop them into a flip flop favor tote. Put together the perfect assortment of treats and toys for the kids who come to celebrate your child’s big day, because no party can really get going without a healthy dose of enthusiastic guests! So, why not reward them? A smattering party of favors and gift bags present a strong way to end the festivities, but this Moana pull string pinata is bound to get the party started.

Enhancing The Party

Now that we’ve got all of the standard fare out of the way, let’s get into how you can set your child’s Moana themed party apart from the rest. One of the best ways to do this is by introducing a costume element! Invite guests to dress up as their favorite characters from the movie itself, with one caveat, only the birthday girl or boy can dress as Moana or Maui respectively. Another fun way to take things to the next level is with cutouts of characters. Prop these cutouts around the party area and use them as photo opportunities for guests to create lasting memories with their own kids and the cast of Moana! Of course, a theme is more than what you can see, so get your hands on a copy of the Moana soundtrack, queue up the first one, and play the whole thing on repeat as an ambient backdrop. This is best done in a confined area, like inside of a home where the main party is being held in the back yard. If done correctly, the soundtrack should serve to enhance the experience without detracting from the overall enjoyment of kids and adults in attendance.

Get Inspired by These Moana Party Ideas

There are tons of ways to create fun Moana themed parties. In fact, we have in depth write ups on quite a few ideas in our blog. They run the gamut of how to create themes around invitations, décor, food, and party games in great detail. You’ll find helpful pictures to guide you through the party planning experience backed by links that will give you an A to Z breakdown on how to pull off the sections you’re interested in! Party planning isn’t a science, it’s an art! And our Moana party ideas blog is a great tool to inspire the flow of creative juices! Give it a look see, we guarantee there is something within its pages that will resonate with party guests of any age!

If your little one has joined Moana on her adventure to get the heart of Te Fiti, it's only right to celebrate. Your girl will go from belting out the Moana soundtrack to hosting the most Hawaiian birthday party on the block. Listen to the sea calling and bring the world your little princess loves to live with a Moana birthday party! Get in touch with your inner Hawaiian and stage a fun party scene with the help of our Moana Party Ideas!

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