A Year To Celebrate 80th Birthday Party Supplies

Make sure to have your guest of honor’s day special with these awesome supplies from Birthday in a Box. Here, you can choose from great tableware that really shows how great the celebration is about to be. After all, it’s not every day that your loved one turns 80 years old. Our great selection of party supplies makes their life worth while! Our cake supplies that read “Lost Count” is a great idea for a few laughs at the bash. So, get ready to walk your way to the dance floor, it’s going to be a great time!

A Year To Celebrate 80th Birthday Party Ideas and Inspirations

Birthdays are a special occasion no matter how old you are, but when you reach a milestone 80th birthday, it is time for a grand party.  You’ve come to the right place for help in planning the perfect celebration.  

The first big decisions are deciding where to hold the celebration and who to invite. Once you have that figured out, grab some invitations and mail to friends and family. Your octogenarian probably appreciates receiving and sending cards so grab some matching thanks yous to be sent out after your shindig is over.

Next are the decorations.  Rainbow designs are a hit.  Banners, scene setter kits and hanging decorations in a multitude of colors are available.  Or you can decorate with gold to celebrate the golden years. Photo props are a popular option as well.   Colorful balloons, especially those with 80th birthday message, are a  fun addition too. 

To complete your look, order complementing tableware. Our table covers, plates, napkins and other accessories look great and are disposable, allowing you to clean up quickly and spend more time with your special birthday person.

Chances are there will be some grandchildren and other youngsters at the party.  Grab a pinata and let the kids have fun trying to get it open.  Choose a pinata and then choose your candy separately, or grab one of our kits which includes pinata and filler candy.

Additional sweets are available in our favors and gifts section.  We have candy that your octogenarian may remember from childhood, such as lollipops, gumballs, rock candy and candy sticks and they are just as yummy today.  Put the treats in stylish containers, such as old-fashioned apothecary jars. Personalize  the containers so guests can have something to remember the party by.

The biggest treat at the party is the cake. Cake supplies can help make it as beautiful as it is delicious. Decorative cupcake stands, edible cake toppers and flag cupcake toppers are just some ideas.  Don’t forget the candles.  And don’t forget to have a great time.

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