A Year To Celebrate 70th Birthday Party Supplies

Whether you need 70th birthday party tableware or wall decals, we have everything that you need to make your day super special. At Birthday in a Box, we have awesome supplies that will really make the guest of honor feel like the life of the party. Listen to music that they loved when growing up, bringing them back to their teenage years.  Enjoy some cake, because no matter what age you are, everyone loves some tasty sweets. So, get ready to have the most fun your loved ones have ever had with these great items that will make anyone get up and dance!

A Year To Celebrate 70th Birthday Party Ideas and Inspirations

When you have taken 70 trips around the sun, it is time for a big party! Gather all your family and friends for this momentous occasion. We can help make the day extra special for the guest of honor with our party supplies made just for the septuagenarian celebration!

Seventy is just a number, but it is all over our party supplies and will make your party one to remember. Make your table stand out when you use tableware—including paper plates, napkins, and cups—featuring colorful 70th birthday messages. The beautifully set tables will look even better when you deck the party space with decorations in coordinating colors, including banners, decorating kits, centerpieces and hanging decorations. To create memorial pictures, set up a photo corner supplied with our photo props. Balloons with coordinating 70th birthday designs are available, along with number shaped foil balloons and other designs. 

For the extra-special touch, hang up a banner with the guest of honor's name and a special message from our selection. Banners are available among our selection of personalized items, which also includes buttons, stickers, favor labels and even personalized candy. For the full selection of treats, browse favors and gifts, which feature goodies for all ages. The birthday honoree will remember treats such as rock candy, gumballs, swirl lollipops and candy sticks from their childhood. Kids and adults at the party will love them just as much now.

Does your septuagenarian like pinatas? We bet that’s a yes and we know kids love pinatas too. Grab one of our pinatas. Let the birthday guy or gal have a whack at the pinata too. After 7 decades of parties you deserve a great birthday cake. Cake toppers and decorative candles are just some of the cake supplies that will add even more festivities to dessert time. If you prefer cupcakes, grab some of our cupcake picks and cupcake holders.

Your birthday star was raised in a time before texting and email and will appreciate having some cards on hand to express gratitude to everyone who attended the celebration. Order matching invitations and thank yous so before the party, you can invite the guests and after the party, the guest of honor can thank them for coming.

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