Vintage Dude 60th Party Supplies

Have a sensual 60s birthday bash with these items from Birthday in a Box.  Here, we have an array of party supplies that will make your loved ones feel like they’re 16 again and will be ready to have a great time! Enjoy some decorative tablecloths and unique party favors that will make all guests fall in love! No matter the age of your guests, we can guarantee that these supplies will make anyone get up and party!

Vintage Dude 60th Party Ideas and Inspirations

If you have a friend who is aging like a fine wine, you can celebrate how well preserved he is with our hilarious Vintage Dude 60th Birthday supplies! You’re going to love showing your “dude” that he’s only getting better the older he grows. Everything you need to plan a party is right here, so you can rest assured that you have it covered when you order from our wide and varied stock. Everyone will be impressed with your party planning skills when you use this page to put together a consistent theme for your friend’s milestone 60th birthday, so order now and get ready for the compliments!

Our invitations and thank-yous will add a classy touch to your party by giving them an old-style flair. When your friends see that you took the time to write out legit invitations rather than just texting them, they’ll know that you mean business with this party! You can thank them for coming with these cards, too, and they’re sure to be impressed with the follow-through! After you send out the invites, you can start prepping for the party by putting out our Vintage Dude decorations to show everyone how well your friend is aging. Get some balloons and pinatas and get some old school party activities going!

You can even make your friend’s cake special with these Vintage Dude cake supplies, so don’t hesitate to go above and beyond for this soon-to-be 60 year old! You’re going to love the tableware, which fills the party spread with the phrase “Vintage Dude” to remind everyone of the theme! You can also get some personalization decorations that will put your friend’s name all over the party, and don’t forget to send people home with Vintage Dude favors and gifts that remind everyone of this hilarious party theme for at least until your friend turns 70!

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