Holy Bleep - You are 40

Our birthday party items make sure to have the guest of honor feel as if they are in their prime, even if theirs has passed. At Birthday in a Box, we have an array of supplies that will make you say “Holy &!*%, you’re 40,” but feel like you’re turning 21 with the bash.  Enjoy our awesome personalized invitations that will ensure all guests will be running to the bash the day of. Not only can you make these invitations fit your personality, but it is also used as a little taste of how much fun the bash is going to be. So, don’t worry folks. You’re not going to be attending Bingo night every Monday just yet. So, make sure you celebrate each year with a bang!

Holy Bleep - You are 40 Birthday Party Ideas and Inspirations

Bring in a little raunchy humor to your 40th birthday with our Holy Bleep 40th Birthday decoration set! You can make everyone laugh and groan when they see these hilarious decorations proclaiming: Holy Bleep! You’re 40! You’re going to love putting up these decorations and showing your loved ones the work you put in to make your party special, and you’ll be laughing about this novelty party decoration scheme for years to come afterward. You can make this page your one-stop shop for your party, since we have everything you need to furnish your party with the essentials, plus all the fun you’ve been looking forward to since you turned 30!

The invitations and thank-yous on this page will let everyone know from the get-go that your birthday is going to be something else! When your loved ones see the “Holy Bleep! You’re 40!” invitation cards, they’re going to be extra excited to spend your big day with you. You can even add a personalized note into each of your invitations to show the special people in your life how much you’re looking forward to seeing them personally. Then, you can put up the decorations, like our hilarious wall decals, cardboard standups, and so much more! We have balloons and pinatas that you’re going to keep around for your whole next decade of life when you see how cheery they make you on your birthday.

You can make the dessert portion of your birthday special too, when you get your cake supplies from this page! The cake supplies on this page include tableware that repeats the phrase: “Holy Bleep! You’re 40!” on every plate and napkin! You’re going to love watching everyone eat their cake off these funny and irreverent place settings. Then look at our personalization decorations, and the favors and gifts we have in store, to get everyone feeling special on your big day!

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