21st Birthday Party Supplies

Everyone remembers their 21st birthday party! We know we do! Whether you are throwing a bash at your house this year, or if you are looking to decorate your VIP section, these items are absolutely perfect! At Birthday in a Box, it’s super simple to turn your vision of your 21st into a reality! You don’t even have to break your wallet to do so! So, run your way to the dance floor, and marinate in the ambiance these party items have made just for your bash! 

21st Birthday Party Ideas and Inspirations

Turning 21 is momentous occasion and deserves a big celebration.  We can help you make this the best birthday bash ever.  Whether it is a small party at home, a grand celebration at a party space or a small gathering in the dorm,  we have what you need.

Start by inviting friends and family to the celebration using wildly fun 21st birthday invitations and thank yous. Impress the guests and the guests of honor when you set the table with festive tableware, all with a 21 theme.  At 21, the guest of honor can now drink alcohol, so grab some plastic wine goblets or party bombers and let the birthday boy or girl have a first with friends.
Coordinating decorations  set the fun mood for the party.  Banners, garland, centerpieces and other décor will liven up the party space.  Grab an office decorating kit for the 21-year-old who works in an office; it can also be used to decorate a desk area in the dorm. Add some more cheer to the place with balloons. Number-shaped foil balloons look great at the entrance and balloon bouquets make wonderful centerpieces.

Want to make things even more special?  Create decorations specifically for the guest of honor with items from our personalization section. Banners with a name and custom greeting, invitations printed with the party details, and custom favor containers can all take the party up a notch. 

Who’s ready for some cake?  It’s a must-have for every birthday party, but when you want to make it stand out from the rest, you need our cake supplies. Candles are a necessity and there are plenty of style to select from. Edible cake and cupcake toppers, personalized cupcake picks, and cake stands are all good choices. 

At 21, you are still ready for some fun and what is more fun at a party than a pinata? Our pinatas and candy are made for all the little kids and the big kids who are at the party.  Let the birthday honoree get a whack!  Kids and adults love treats so grab some from our favors and gifts selection. Give them to the guests at they leave the party, and ensure that it will be a party to remember.

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