Mickey's Clubhouse Trivia Game

Mickey's Clubhouse Trivia Game

Trivia Questions:

  1. What kind of animal is Goofy?
  2. What color is Donald Duck's sailor suit?
  3. How many buttons are on Mickey Mouse's pants?
  4. How many teeth does Goofy have?
  5. What color is Daisy Duck's bow?
  6. What are the names of the two dogs on Mickey's Clubhouse?
  7. What do you have to say to make the clubhouse appear?
  8. What is the Mousekadoer?
  9. What is the name of the park near the clubhouse?

Trivia Answers:
  1. A dog
  2. Blue
  3. Two
  4. Two
  5. Purple
  6. Goofy and Pluto
  7. Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!
  8. Mickey's computer
  9. Mickey Park

During the Party:

Either divide your guests up into teams and see which team can answer the most questions, or make it a non-competitive game by having all guests call out the answers to the questions, and work with each other on the tough ones.

The Mickey Mouse and Mickey's Clubhouse names and all related characters and elements are the property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. This guide is not affiliated with or endorsed by Disney Enterprises, Inc.

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