Mermaid Party

By Emily Churchill

Created on May 14, 2018

The enchanting allure of the mystical mermaid tempts man and maiden alike! Now you can create a welcoming ocean oasis that no mermaid will be able to resist! Attract your guests like the Siren's song, with invitations that tease the magical underwater party you have planned. With balloon bubbles, scalloped tablecovers and pool noodle coral, your world will be transformed into a mermaid's paradise!

Let your guests dive into an ocean full of fun ideas at your next fin-flipping Mermaid Birthday Party!

Mermaid Party Invitations : A Call to the Sea

Invite guests to join the celebration by sending Mermaid Under the Sea Personalized Invitations. (TIP: Embellish invitations with pearl sticker gems for a more elegant touch.)

Mermaid Party Decorations: Lagoon Loveliness

Welcome little Merpeople with this twist on a traditional door wreath. We simply cut a slit in the back of a Sea Shell Piñata and inserted an over-the-door hook. Quick, easy and impactful.

Create an undersea paradise with these details:

  • Layer scallop-edged Tablecloths to mimic waves.
  • Construct a fish-scale backdrop using Luncheon Paper Plates, blue painter’s tape and an insulation board from the home improvement store.
  • Clear balloons strung on monofilament make great “bubbles”.
  • Hang a pair of paper lantern octopi for an under-the-sea illusion that’s much more authentic. We simply added “ruffled” tablecloth strips to the bottom of a Paper Lantern to create this eight-armed sea creature.
  • Colorful coral reefs add height and texture to the décor. Pool noodles and White Tissue Fluffies are all you need.
  • A framed mermaid silhouette brings sparkle and drama centerstage. (TIP: Construct frame from foam core board for a less costly and weighty alternative.)

Set a pretty table for guests to dine on with this Mermaid Under the Sea Party Set. Before the tableware was placed, we topped things off with a length of sparkling floral mesh.

Mermaid Party Food: Sea Food

After swimmers have feasted on more substantial things like fish-n-chips or fish tacos, invite them to nibble on a sea of thematic sweets:

  • Tail-topped vanilla cupcakes get all the attention when showcased on a Three-Tiered Cupcake Stand. We perched a Mermaid Under the Sea Centerpiece on the top tier for even more height and color.
  • Candy “crabs”, crispy cereal “starfish” and shortbread “clams” bring both fun and yumminess to the table. (TIP: Crushed graham crackers make perfect “sand”.)

We created food label tents by sticking blank Mermaid Under the Sea Personalized Address Labels on folded glittered paper. Once printed ovals were attached with foam adhesive, we embellished them with pearl gems.

  • Serve “Sea Pearl” Sixlets Candy, salt water taffy and yogurt raisin “Sand Pebbles” in apothecary jars.
  • Rock Candy “Coral”, licorice “Sea Weed” and candy belt “Kelp” round out the sea of sweets.

Mermaid Party Activities: Mermaid Merriment

Keep your sea-farers busy with activities such as:

  • Sand art. (TIP: These Perfectly Plain Glass Apothecary Jars are sealable making it less messy to transport finished art projects home.)
  • Starfish Ring Toss. Once sprinkler play is finished, have guests play a round or two to give swim suits time to dry before returning inside for presents.

Mermaid Party Favors: Enchanting SWAG

Let guests take the enchantment of the day’s festivities home by gifting them a Mermaid Under the Sea Favor Box full of salt water taffy, a handcrafted starfish wand and an Inflatable Mermaid.

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