Margaritaville Party Ideas and Inspirations

If nibbling on sponge cake and watching the sun bake are not the only two things you and Jimmy Buffett have in common, then you’re in the right place to start planning your next summer night shindig. Whether you’re going for a Margaritaville flavored with tequila and bad intentions or a more kid friendly soda pop and piñatas affair one thing remains perfectly clear: you can’t go wrong with a theme that has a whole song written about it! Check out these party supplies that'll crank your celebration to the next level!

So, to start you’ll want to send out invitations that are as fun and festive as you plan for this party to be. One way to do this is by utilizing our invitations and thank yous page. Here you can even take advantage of personalization options to send wholly unique messages to each and every person who wants to attend. Once you’re done with the guest list it’s time to turn your attention to the crème de la crème of party planning. The decorations.

Jumbo starfish balloons, flip flop piñatas filled with plastic bottles of tequila – or candy – and tableware to match is a great place to start. Now, cake and pies might not be Margaritaville, but if you are looking to add some sweet stuff to the menu, you can make them appear much more on message with cake supplies meant to disguise their mainland appeal. Throw in a couple of Hawaiian shirts, inflatable beach balls and wall hanging fish nets and your guests will think they were transported to the white sandy beaches of Florida.

After the food has been eaten and all of the piñatas broken, send your guests on their way with a couple of party favors and gifts to remember the momentous occasion. Fill up a reusable tote bag with plastic pineapple capped cups, leis and hula skirts and all other manner of bits and baubles. They’ll be so pleased they’ll be ready for your next party long before they arrive home!

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