Mardi Gras King/Queen Says

Photo of Child Playing

How to Play:

  • Assign one guest to be the first 'Mardi Gras King/Queen"
  • The King or Queen will give the players an instruction. As in classic Simon Says, the King will start some instructions with the phrase, 'The King/Queen says"
  • When an instruction starts with 'The King/Queen says", players follow that direction. When an instruction does not start with 'The King/Queen says", players do not follow that direction.
  • If any of the players follow an instruction that does not start with 'The King/Queen says", that player is 'out". The last player to remain in the game becomes the new Mardi Gras King or Queen and the game starts over.
  • If you'd like, you can award small prizes or beads to the winner of each round.

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