Why Knot?

magic trick diagram


Using a 2' section of rope (e.g. a clothesline or a heavy shoelace), practice this trick several times to perfect it before performing it in front of your guests. The object of the trick is to make what appears to be a knot, but isn't!

Follow the directions below and the diagram to the right to make your "knot." (Click here to download a printable version of our knot diagram.) Be sure to keep the rope loose through each step.

  1. Hold one end of the rope in each hand. Take the end in your right hand and cross it over the end in your left hand, pulling it down behind the left end, under it, and then back toward you, forming a large, loose loop.
  2. Repeat the first step, but put the end in your left hand over the end in your right, creating a second loose loop above the first.
  3. Take the end that's in your right hand and pass it in front of the point where the two loops connect, through to the back of the bottom loop, and then back to the front.
  4. Put the same end through the front of the top loop, passing it to the left of itself.
  5. Now, pull the two ends gently to "unknot!"
Practice several times, paying careful attention to the diagram. It may be easier to start by practicing the trick on a flat surface.

At the Party:

Puzzle your guests by tying a knot that's not a knot!

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