Saw the Veggie in Half

magic trick diagram

What You'll Need:

  1. Draw, color, and cut out a carrot shape that's longer than the envelope.
  2. Seal the envelope, and cut two parallel slits on the back.
  3. Do not cut through to the front of the envelope.

At the Party:

  1. Show everyone the front of the envelope from a distance.
  2. Cut off the ends, keeping the front of the envelope toward your audience the whole time.
  3. Tell your audience that you can slide the carrot into the envelope and cut the envelope without cutting the carrot.
  4. Keeping the front of the envelope toward the audience, slip the carrot into the envelope from one side.
  5. Before you push it out the other side, thread it through the two slits that are not visible to the audience; this way the center of the carrot will be outside of the envelope.
  6. Hold the envelope up in the air, and then cut it in half, slipping one side of the scissors in between the envelope and the middle of the carrot so that you do not cut the carrot.
  7. Quickly pull out the carrot, dropping the two halves of the envelope to the ground.
  8. Show your audience how it's still intact, and enjoy their amazed expressions!

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