Pick an Object

Pick an Object

What You'll Need:

  • 3 Different Objects
  • An Assistant


Before the trick, you and your assistant must memorize the "C.O.W." code detailed below. Your assistant will use this code to let you know which object the group selected.

At the Party:
  1. To start the trick, line up three objects on a table.
  2. The object on the left side will be the "C" object, the object in the middle will be the "O" object, and the object on the right will be the "W" object.
  3. After lining up the objects, leave the room so your guests can secretly choose one of the three objects.
  4. Your assistant must take note of which object the group chooses, and then call you back in using one of these three phrases that will clue you in as to which object the group chose:
  • "Come on back..." (if they chose the first object);

  • "Okay, come back in..." (for the second object); or,

  • "We're all ready..." (if they picked the third object).

  • When you return, your assistant should ask you to point out the object that the audience chose.
  • Stun your guests by picking the right object every time!

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