Pick a Card, Any Card

Pick a Card, Any Card

What You'll Need:

  • A Deck of Cards

At the Party:

Take a deck of cards, shuffle it well, and then spread the cards out in your hand, noting the top card. Let's pretend the top card is the Queen of Hearts. You would say to your audience, "You can see that I'm holding an ordinary deck of cards..." and then proceed with the following steps:
  1. Ask an audience member to take a small stack of cards off the top of the deck.
  2. Have him turn the pile over, and then put it on top of the deck.
  3. Say, "Just to make the trick more difficult, why don't you do it again, only cut the deck a little deeper this time..." (The participant must cut the deck below the stack he just cut.)
  4. Again, have him turn the cards over and put them back on top of the deck.
  5. Now, put the deck down, and recap what has happened for the audience. "We've cut the deck not once, but twice. Let's really mix it up by throwing away the cards that are facing up." Remove those cards.
  6. Ask your participant to remove the top card from the remaining pile and hold it close to him without letting you see it. It will be the card you originally saw... in our case, the Queen of Hearts.
Ask the group for complete silence. Close your eyes and "concentrate on seeing the card." Announce the correct card.

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