Math Magic

Math Magic

What You'll Need:

  • Loose Paper or a Notepad
  • A Pen or Pencil

At the Party:

Pick an audience member to write down a number between 1 and 100. Then, direct the participant through the following steps:
  1. Double the number.
  2. Add 10 to the new number.
  3. Divide that number by 2.
  4. Subtract the original number.
Ask your participant to focus on the number they now have (which will always be 5, no matter what number they originally picked), and to concentrate as hard as possible. Make a show of concentrating along with them (e.g. squeeze your eyes shut and touch your temples with your index and middle fingers), and then announce that the number is 5. Your guests will be shocked by your mind-reading abilities!

Note: The number will always be 5. As an example, start with 35, and do the math:
35 x 2 = 70
70 + 10 = 80
80/2 = 40
40 - 35 = 5

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