Outdoor Pet Shop Games

Outdoor Pet Shop Games

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Doggy Bone Hunt - Hide real dog treats shaped like bones in your yard or party space. Write one guest's name on each bone in marker before the party, and then send your guests to search for their personalized bones. For round two of this game, let the children hide each other's bones and then search for them.

Dogcatcher Tag - Before the party, use streamers or cones to designate a small area to be the Dog Pound. Select one child to be the dogcatcher. The rest of the children are the dogs, and the dogcatcher runs after the other players trying to tag them. When the dogcatcher tags a dog, he sends him to the dog pound. Play continues until there is only one dog left and he is the winner. Either the first dog caught or the winner can become the dogcatcher for the next round.

Play Fetch - Using tennis balls or Frisbees, let the children play fetch. Make sure to tell the children to use their hands, or use new, clean toys, in case some of your guests want to pick the items up in their mouths when they retrieve them.

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