Little Einsteins Mission

Little Einsteins Mission

The Object of the Game:

Send your guests on a mission to different geographic locations, just like the Little Einsteins! Your guests will need to find lost items in four different areas, made to look like four different locations in the world.

Before the Party:

Transform four areas of your party location into four different geographic locations. For example:

  • Transform a large closet into Antarctica by hanging white streamers, stringing cotton balls from the ceiling, and filling it with white balloons.
  • Convert your bathroom into a tropical rainforest by making palm trees out of brown and green construction paper to tape to the walls. Also, fill the tub with water and add toy fish, turtles and other water creatures.
  • Your balcony can become a desert by laying down brown construction paper and sprinkling sand on top. Rocks and toy snakes will complete the look.
  • Your laundry room can become an African oasis if you hang green streamers from the ceiling to resemble vines and set out your child's stuffed animals. Make a watering hole by filling a child's pool with water and setting it in a corner.
Hide a special item in each location, such as a musical instrument, a pair of glasses, or a framed photo, for your guests to find.

During the Party:

Tell your guests that they will be embarking on a mission to find items lost by Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie. Lead them to the four different locations and see if they can find the lost items. When they complete their mission, give them a prize.

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