Lion King Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on November, 22 2019

Welcome to the pride! The fans of The Lion King are like family- bonded like lions over their mutual love of all things Lion King. It's difficult to watch this classic Disney movie and not fall in love with all the characters and music. It’s no wonder the movie’s success grew a franchise that conquered Broadway with a musical. And the cinematic remake has created a whole new generation of fans.

 If your child can't stop singing "Hakuna Matata" then it may be time to invite your favorite little animals over for a royal birthday celebration! Throw a Lion King Party for the birthday cub in your life. Below are a handful of ideas for you to pounce on including suggestions for Lion King invitations, decorations, food, favors and games.

Lion King Party Invitations

Lions know how to have a ROARing good time and these little lions are ready to party! The party animals just want to have fun so use a fun Invitation with Simba to announce your party details . What happens in the jungle stays in the jungle…

If you want to create a really personalized invite than dress your child in a Simba or Nala costume and take a photo. Upload the photo to your computer to make an invitation by using photo software. On the front of the invitation, you can add the words "I Just Can't Wait to Turn 5!"

Lion King Invitations and Thank Yous

Lion King Party Decorations

Besides the Birthday boy or girl, the decorations are the mane attraction. Start with a lion piñata and create a party worthy of the King of the Jungle with a fun backdrop with vines and palm trees. It couldn’t be easier to makeover your party space with just some strong painter’s tape and a Jungle Trees Backdrop package. Unfold the plastic backdrop and tape to a wall or even a fence. Add a couple of palm trees, grasses and hanging vines to make the backdrop come alive.

To make hanging vines, cut green plastic table covers into strips. Use the folds as cutting guidelines.  Next, cut slits at angle all the way down your strip, leaving about 2” – 3” between each cut. Do the same on the other side of the strip but stagger them so the cuts alternate from the other side. When you’re done, you will have instant hanging vines! (This works great for under the sea party as they can also look like seaweed.)

Tape the vines to the backdrop and make sure some hang down. For pops of color, you could add tissue paper flowers and cut out pictures of birds, butterflies, frogs, snakes, and maybe a monkey to set near the palm tree.

Set the table with partyware that shows your lion’s pride. Lion King plates, cups, napkins and table covers will help keep a consistent color theme in the décor.

Some decorations can play double duty and become favors after the party like these animal sippy cups.

Lion King Party Food Ideas

How can you tackle the appetite of lions? Tame the beasts with a table full of snacks. What kid doesn’t love a snack table?! Create a simple snack bar with themed food like:

  • Baboon Bananas – gummy bananas
  • Twigs & Branches – pretzel sticks
  • Jungle Vines – green Twizzlers
  • Serengeti Snakes – gummy snakes
  • Meerkat Snacks – gummy berries and gummy butterflies
  • Waterhog Treats – gummy wormsTree Frogs – gummy frogs
  • Gorilla Poop – chocolate covered peanuts
  • Gorilla Grapes – grapes
  • Dried Ants – raisins

Set plates and snack cups on the table and let your lion cubs graze throughout the party. Makes clean up a breeze too. Leftover goodies can be packaged up and sent home in their favor boxes.

Lion King Party Activities

Play “Who Am I” using animal facemasks. Each guest gets a turning trying to find out which mask has been placed on their faces: Lion, Chimp, Elephant, Gorilla, Giraffe or Tiger. To make extra sure they don’t know what mask they’re wearing, place a blindfold over their eyes and then the mask. The child can ask the rest of the party-goers questions about their animal. The one who figures it out in the least number of questions wins!

For those of you who live on the crafty side of life, you can set up a King of the Jungle Crown station.

Have a selection of paper or foam crowns available along with glitter glue, rhinestones, markers, and stickers for each guest to make their own crown to take home.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can whip up a batch of Safari Slime. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • a bottle of clear glue
  • food coloring
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • ½ cup liquid starch
  • a bowl
  • a wooden spoon

Combine glue, food coloring, and water in a bowl and stir together. Slowly add liquid starch. You might need to use your hands to get just the right slimy consistency. Give each guest a mini mason jar filled with Safari Slime and let them add their own safari friends. Plastic bugs and animals would be perfect. If you have some sparkle lovers in the group glitter and sequins are always a hit.

Lion King Party Favors

Send your tired lions home with a box of goodies like Animal Face Sippy Cups, tattoos, stickers, animal mask, safari stampers, Safari Slime, and Safari Snacks. Browse through our most popular party favors to help you decide.

Some other favor ideas you could consider:

Also check out our complete favor sets and personalized products such as zipper pulls, placemats, and stickers.

This mighty Lion King party was styled and designed by Kylie from Made by a Princess. Head over to her blog for more party tips, recipes, and free printables.

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