LEGO-Inspired Building Block Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

LEGO-Inspired Building Block Party Invitations

There are things to build and fun to be had, so make sure your guests know where and when to arrive! Make sure you've got LEGO building blocks on deck and turn your party into whatever you and your guests can imagine!

LEGO-Inspired Building Block Party Decorations & Food

Colors and LEGO bricks are the easiest way to make a LEGO building block party stand out. Keep with the theme and make sure there’s some corresponding decorations involved!

· A colorful LEGO-inspired toy brick backdrop is the perfect way to set the tone for a builder’s dream party!

· Using LEGO and toy brick plates and serveware is an easy way to keep up the theme.

· Incorporate actual LEGO bricks into your decorations! Use them to hold the cutlery and napkins, to create drink coasters, and to make stands for the food.

Building things all day is sure to get the partygoers in the mood to eat!

· Keep with the building theme by creating a “build your own” sandwich station, complete with all the ingredients for a yummy treat.

· Some LEGO shaped cake pieces will be a hit and keep with the party’s theme! Plus, what’s a party without cake?

· Solid colored popcorn boxes stick with the theme and serve as great holders for popcorn, chips, or any type of salty snacks!

LEGO-Inspired Building Block Party Activities

Everyone at the party will be full of food and ready for the best part of the building block party – the building blocks!

· Having the guests build their own contraptions is a great way to keep with the theme and let their creativity run wild!

· Giving each guest their own toy brick race car to build is fun, and then they car race them, boxcar style! All you need is a piece of plywood for a ramp, and some tape or paint down the middle to make sides. Then, just release them from the top and race to the bottom!

· Make sure to include a mini-figure to be their car’s driver!

If you are looking to add a creative and quiet activity to your party plan these FREE Printable Coloring Pages are right on theme. They are also perfect as a stuffer for a favor box.

LEGO-Inspired Building Block Party Favors

The easiest favors to give out at a LEGO building block party are… you guessed it, LEGO building blocks!

· Giving each child their own LEGO set to build is an easy way to set up for a fun party activity and as a nice keepsake from the party.

· Solid yellow decorative fans and honeycomb balls with black eyes and a smiley face drawn on them make for a great toy brick decoration.

· Give the guests their own little hardhats for building or goggles and racing helmets for the boxcar race activity.

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