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Lalaloopsy Party Theme Bookmark and Share Throw a rag doll theme party that is "sew magical" and "sew cute" with our Lalaloopsy party supplies and ideas! Our Lalaloopsy party guide includes tips for Lalaloopsy invitations, decorations, games, food and favor ideas. Follow our Lalaloopsy party ideas, tips and tricks for a birthday that's totally fabulous! Shop our Lalaloopsy Party Supplies. Browse this guide: Lalaloopsy Invitations Lalaloopsy Decorations Lalaloopsy Food Lalaloopsy Party Favors Lalaloopsy Games & Activities What Do I Need For a Lalaloopsy Party? In addition to the typical Lalaloopsy party supplies like paper goods and decorations, you may want to consider adding the following items for your Lalaloopsy party:
    • Lalaloopsy toys and dolls
  • A playhouse, playground set or treehouse
  • Lalaloopsy online cartoons
  • Lalaloopsy books

Lalaloopsy Party Invitation Ideas

Pressed for time but still want a personalized touch? Try our Lalaloopsy invitations, which can be printed to include your child's name and all of the party details! For a unique touch, you can make your own Lalaloopsy party invitations. This can be a fun activity to get you and your child excited for your rag doll party! Here are some Lalaloopsy invitation ideas for your upcoming event:
    • Create a home made invitation using construction paper and yarn. Get creative and make a Lalaloopsy face with yarn pigtails.
  • Punch holes around the border of the paper and thread them with yarn to match a sewing theme. Write out your party details in marker.
  • Pose some of your Lalaloopsy dolls in a cute scene and snap a picture. Print out the image as a postcard-style invitation and write your event details on the back. If you have image software, you can add the wording directly to your invite!
  • Let your guests know if you would like them to dress up like their favorite character from the Lalaloopsy series.
  • Use creative writing in your Lalaloopsy Invitations. Use the wording below for inspiration:
  Join us for a day that'll be sew much fun. We'll celebrate and play with everyone! The Lalaloopsy friends are cute and small Won't you come and play with them all? Lalaloopsy Invitation

Lalaloopsy Party Decoration Ideas

Lalaloopsy Party DecorationsThe right decorations can make all the difference at your Lalaloopsy party! You'll find great Lalaloopsy decoration ideas below:
    • Complement your Lalaloopsy decorations with girl's party supplies.
  • There are many different doll characters to base your color scheme on. Group Lalaloopsy balloons around the party area. Include a few solid color latex balloons to create a doll balloon bouquet!
  • Place real Lalaloopsy dolls around your party area to act as part of the decorations. You can use them as cake toppers or balloon weights depending on their size.
  • Print out images of your favorite Lalaloopsy characters to create wall cutouts. Simply tape up these DIY posters to add some color to your event.
  • Hang Lalaloopsy banners and posters around your party area. A personalized banner lets you create any message you want to show off above your other Lalaloopsy decorations.
  • Get a friend to volunteer as entertainment. Put on a colorful wig and a cute apron to transform into a life-sized rag doll.

Lalaloopsy Party Food Ideas

Kids love the typical party foods like chips and burgers, but you can add a fun theme twist to your event. Here are some suggestions for tasty Lalaloopsy party foods:
    • Give traditional party food a theme twist by adding cute names. Licorice thread, eye button candy dots, candy "dolly" pops, and doll dip can really make a fun touch to snacks.
  • Create button cookies in a snap! Simply bake your favorite sugar cookie recipe and then decorate with icing to create button look. If you are feeling extra creative, cut out hole in the middle of the cookies and thread them with candy.
  • The Lalaloopsy girls are bright and colorful. Match that vibrancy with colorful food choices. Make cereal treats out of rainbow cereals and marshmallows, create a colorful fruit salad, or fill up clear jars with bright candies.
  • Cook macaroni in colored water to make a variety of colored noodles. You can then make mac and cheese or pasta salad to match your theme colors.

Lalaloopsy Party Favors

These rag dolls are sew cute and sew magical! Give your guests what they want with some of our imaginative Lalaloopsy favor ideas:  
  • Lalaloopsy dolls
  • Make your own rag dolls out of yarn, socks, and buttons. This craft activity leaves guests with a DIY favor they can be proud of.
  To keep things easy, check out our Lalaloopsy favor sets. Personalized Favors Lalaloopsy Favors Lalaloopsy Costumes

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