What You'll Need:

  • Two Blankets
  • Newspaper
  • Masking Tape
  • Gray Spray Paint

  1. Wad up several pieces of newspaper into balls approximately the size of tennis balls.
  2. Wrap a bit of masking tape around each ball so they don't open up, but not so much that they become hard or uniform in shape.
  3. Spray paint the balls gray to turn them into "rocks" for the catapult.
  4. Finally, mark a 20'-long line in the playing field.

At the Party:
  1. Divide your guests into two teams, and place one team on each side of the line.
  2. Give each team a blanket, and have the players position themselves around the blanket's edges.
  3. The players should hold their team's blanket by its edge, pulling it tight between them.
  4. Place 10 of the rocks on one team's blanket.
  5. When you yell, "Fire!" the team with the rocks should catapult them over the line to the other team by releasing the tension on the blanket and then snapping it taught again.
  6. The receiving team should catch as many rocks as they can on their blanket, and, in turn, catapult them back across the line.
  7. Play continues until all the rocks have fallen to the ground. The team with the fewest rocks on its side of the line wins.

  1. This game may also be played tournament-style by grouping the players into teams of two.
  2. Give each team a large bath towel or beach towel instead of a blanket.
  3. Cut the number of rocks down to five.
  4. Have a series of mini-battles, and have the winners of each battle play each other until, ultimately, only one team has won and rules the land with its King!

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