Play Sports!

Play Sports!

Sports Game Ideas and Tips:

Set up a game of your child's favorite sport! You can take the children out to your backyard or to a nearby park to play a game of football, baseball, basketball, or whatever sport the birthday child likes best. You may even want to ask the birthday child if he or she would like the entire party to take place at the park. This will provide you with playing areas for various sports, as well as jungle gyms and swing sets for children to play on before, in between, and after the main party events.

Take your guests' ages into consideration, and adjust the game rules accordingly. For instance:

  • If young children are going to play football, make it touch football rather than tackle.
  • You can play softball or tee-ball as an alternative to baseball.
  • If you want to set up a game of basketball, but the children are too small to use standard-sized hoops, you can place large buckets or boxes at both ends of the playing area.
Keep score, and play multiple games. Have an adult act as the referee, and have other adults watch out for injuries. (Note: Make sure you're prepared with a first aid kit!) Award the winning team a prize, or maybe even a trophy!

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