Five Wacky Team Events

Five Wacky Team Events

Scoreboard Preparation:

  1. Make a poster scoreboard that you can use to keep track of each team's points.
  2. Make 8 columns on the scoreboard.
  3. Skip over the first column, and write the names of the 7 games below at the top of the other columns.

At the Party:

Divide your guests into 2 teams, have each come up with a team name, fill in the names on your scoreboard, and let the games begin!

Word Lightening: The object of this game is for one team to come up with the most sports words in 2 minutes. To start, separate the teams so they don't overhear each other, and give paper and a pen to each team. Designate a player to write down each team's answers, explain the rules, and recommend that everyone whisper their answers. Then, announce a random letter of the alphabet to everyone and say, "Go!" For older children, use harder letters, like "K" (e.g. karate, kickball, etc.); for younger children, use easier letters like "B" (e.g. basketball, baseball, bat, ball, etc.). The team that lists the most sports words beginning with the letter you announced during the 2-minute time limit wins. Play several rounds with different letters, if desired.

Wet Your Whistle Contest: The object of this game is for one team to be first to have every member eat a cracker and whistle. To start, line each team up, shoulder-to-shoulder and facing the other team. Hand each player a cracker and say, "Go!" The first player on each team must eat a cracker and whistle the first 2 bars of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. When each player finishes, the next player eats a cracker and whistles, and so on until every player on a team has eaten a cracker and whistled.

One-Legged Contest: The object of this game is for one team to earn the most points during a series of one-legged balancing competitions. To start, each team picks a representative. Each team's rep must stand on one leg while the other players try to distract the opposing team's rep by yelling, making faces, or doing anything else except touching the opposing rep. The player who keeps his/her balance the longest wins and earns a point for the team. Play enough rounds so that all players have a chance to test their balance.

Team Sing: The object is to be the team to sing a song in the shortest amount of time. You'll need a stopwatch and the words to a short song that everyone knows. To start, have the players line up side-by-side facing the other team. Have one team go at a time, and set a 3-minute time limit per team. When you start the stopwatch, the first team sings the song, with each player in line singing one word at a time. For example, if the song was "Mary Had a Little Lamb," the first player would sing, "Mary," the second player would sing, "had," etc., until the team completes the song. If a player sings a wrong word, the team must start over. The team that completely sings the song in the shortest amount of time wins.

Cardboarding: The object of this game is for one team to be first to shuffle across the finish line on its boards. Before the party, cut out 4 strips of corrugated cardboard, measuring 3' by 8". Punch 6 holes (3 on each side) in each cardboard strip, then thread the holes with string or shoelaces, creating 3 footholds per board. Use your child's shoe as a model for spacing out the holes. Mark a start line and a finish line on the floor with masking tape.

At the party, choose 3 players from each team. Position each team on its boards, one child behind the other. Tie the children's feet to the boards, and then have the teams stand at the starting line with the players holding onto their teammates' waists. When you say, "Go," the teams shuffle their boards to the finish line. The first team to cross the finish line wins. Play enough rounds for all guests to participate.

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