Paw Patrol

Ryder’s here to help give your party a helping hand and he's bought the rest of his canine rescue team with him! Make sure your child’s birthday looks like a scene from their favorite cartoon with our exciting selection of Paw Patrol Party supplies. This show follows a diverse team of doggies as they go about helping humans and saving the day. The roster includes brave members such as the heroic firefighting Dalmation, Marhsall, Rubble the Construction Bulldog and others: Skye's the team's resident flyer, while the water-loving Zuma takes care of the situation beneath the waves. The police dog Chase is also on hand to help keep things running smoothly. Don't miss out on the chance to give your birthday boy an animated adventure that they and their fellow Paw Patrol fans will go gaga over and take advantage of this incredible party supply selection. Just like the team’s motto says, “No job is too big, no pup is too small!”

Paw Patrol Party Supplies

The Paw Patrol’s key to success is their thorough preparation and training which ensures that they are at all times ready to deal with whatever unexpected obstacles come their way. Now, this rescue team is on-hand to provide you with the lifeline you need to put together the ultimate party for your little fan on their big day. With a wide selection of products, we have on offer a catalog’s worth of Paw Patrol-themed items that include everything from notary products to other essentials such as tableware, favor gifts, and more. Your guests will all feel like they’re starring in their very own episode thanks to these authentic Paw Patrol supplies.

Invitations & Thank Yous

Get your party started off on the right foot with some delightful notary items that will let all your child’s friends and family know that their party is going to be the Paw Patrol even of the year. Featuring all of the most iconic members of the team such as Chase, Rubble, Skye, Marshall and more, each of these colorful invitations promises an irresistible day of fun for fans to enjoy. And for the other end of the event, we also offer thank you cards to let everyone know how much you appreciated them joining in on the fun.


Your little rescue team is going to be plenty hungry once they’re done playing but thankfully the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Give them a tasty lunch and dessert to enjoy by utilizing our selection of Paw Patrol tableware sets. Featuring party and snack packs designed to provide you with options that are right just for you and your guests, each of these items is decorated with the show’s adorable canines providing a visual treat to go along with the tasty grub you’re putting on offer. We even offer matching cups, napkins, and other utensils that will make for a perfect fit.


Be sure that you have all you need to create the perfect look for your party by putting together a scene straight out of the show thanks to our Paw Patrol party supplies. Our catalog includes a wide selection of banners, photo props, decorating kits for tables, hanging pieces and other items that are designed to help enhance your party’s décor. Don’t settle for anything less than the very best and choose your pick from these official Paw Patrol items.


Go and put a personal touch on the festivities! Personalized items are a great way to put a spin on the day’s fun with thanks to the ability to add unique and customized messages to the birthday boy or girl, as well as all of their friends and family. Personalized items can include everything from candy bar wrappers to notary invitations, decorative banners and more. When you want to go that extra mile with your party then you can’t do worse than a handcrafted message that’s straight from the heart.

Favors & Gifts

Kick the party up a notch with the addition of exciting gifts and toys for all of your guests to enjoy. Our line of Paw Patrol items and supplies include a diverse collection of party favors designed to provide your guests with extra fun. Watch them dress up with our selection of paper masks, each of which is fashioned after an actual member of the Paw Patrol team. Paper cone hats and party whistles are also on-hand for some classic accessories that everyone can enjoy. Your guests will have a lot more fun with the help of party toys that have been designed to appeal to fans first and foremost. We also feature crayons, tote bags, blowouts and more for a complete offering. Make sure this team-building exercise makes the Paw Patrol proud with the addition of these fun party accessories.

Enhancing the Party

You won't have any problem taking your party to the next level thanks to this excellent selection of party supplies and accessories. For example, you can provide your guests with a fun opportunity to become their favorite Paw Patrol member by picking up items such as masks that will enable them to pretend to be their favorite characters. Why stop at simple masks? Add some costumes and make up and you can bring your furry friends to life! If dress up isn’t for you, why not channel your inner creative and put together a fun art contest for the kids to show off their artistic skills? We can help – just peruse our collection of dog-themed crayons, erasers and kiddy activity books.  Throw on an episode of Paw Patrol for some background hype for some additional family friendly fun for fans and non-fans alike. Since Paw Patrol is dog themed, after all, what better opportunity is there for kids and relations to bring their own doggies (or pets, let’s be inclusive,) over for an animal get together that will be the puppy event of the year. Paw Patrol has taken our kids by storm, why not celebrate it? After all, “no job is too big, and no pup is too small.”  

Paw Patrol Party Ideas

You’ll have no problem setting up the perfect birthday for everyone to enjoy now that you’ve got the best selection of Paw Patrol supplies right at your fingertips. With invitations and thank you cards that are full of personality, your party can get started off with a bang, and end on the perfect note. You’ll have no problem keeping your child’s friends and family entertained thanks to these exciting and adorable favor gifts and toys, all of which have been designed to fill the air with laughter. Pick up tableware that's been decorated with authentic show-accurate graphic prints and supplies that will put a special fun spin on their lunch and dessert. Our Paw Patrol blog is also designed to help you further plan out and prepare for the big day with helpful ideas, suggestions, guides and more. For instance, how about some “dog bowl” treats with themed options, such as Puppy Chow? Or perhaps some Pupcorn, Dogbones, or pawprint cupcakes? Put together a top-to-bottom perfect day of fun and games for your child’s next birthday bash featuring Paw Patrol. After all, who doesn’t want to save the day with Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye? After this party, your little one will never see Paw Patrol the same.

Find Everything You Need For Your Paw Patrol Party

Show appreciation for your guests with the assortment of PAW Patrol goodies we have. Treat them to party fun with items like party blowouts, temporary tattoos, paper character masks, and a pinata full of candy to break open. Don't send them home without a doggie bag filled with little treasures like toy vehicles, "pawesome" bracelets, stickers, and tasty candies. No party is complete without Paw Patrol decorations and balloons. Get Your PAW Patrol birthday party supplies today!

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