Kids Birthday Party Themes

If you are shopping for birthday party supplies and can't quite decide on a theme, you can check out the ones listed here and see not just some, but all of the party themes that we offer. You can easily browse through the thumbnail images of every theme to see the colors, styles and characters that best suit the birthday boy or girl. We carry a great selection of boys party supplies and girls party supplies. From first birthdays to 100th birthdays and everything in between, you can find the party theme that will be exactly what you envisioned. Find the best kids party supplies online at Birthday In A Box.

1st Birthday Party

Set the stage for a lifetime of amazing birthday parties when you celebrate your little one’s big day with a fully coordinated and completely themed first birthday party! The light of your life is the inspiration for this b-day blowout, so let it reflect their gentle spirit and loving nature that never fails to bring a smile to your face. Pastel streamers and decorations featuring the fluffiest and cuddliest animals on the farm is a good place to start for a theme that is not only enjoyable in the moment but will also create photographic memories they will love when they get older. Offer goodie bags for parents who bring their infants and include favors that will ensure mommy and baby both leave feeling excited and appreciated. Don't forget to make a special "smash cake", so the guest of honor can go crazy throwing cake and covering their face in icing. This is a consistent crowd-favorite and absolute Instagram gold! Make their first birthday an occasion that will be talked about all year long.

Teen/Tween Birthday

A birthday party for your tween or teen comes down to one simple phrase, "keep it cool". High contrast color schemes, themes representing popular or trending properties or subjects lends sense of celebration that goes beyond what would normally be considered as a kid's party. No matter the age, girls love Disney princesses and the world of wonder they bring with them. Coordinate the entire area with pictures and other party accessories featuring Cinderella, Ariel, Moana and the rest. This will provide a childlike playful tone with an implied sophistication all teenagers nostalgically enjoy. Your teenage boy will want his party to show off everything he thinks is awesome. This could be cars, sports, comic books, but will always be high octane and resemble more of an event than a get-together. Whichever color scheme you pick, throw some black in true create a deeper sense of dimension and contrast that is more appealing to the average teenage partygoer! Plan a looser agenda than you would for a child's party, so everyone has plenty of time and opportunity to visit and enjoy the area. Teens will want to experience everything at their own pace instead of simply moving from one activity to the next. Keeping in mind these small subtleties will ensure your teen and their friends have an absolute blast and that you look like a total rockstar for throwing it!

Girl's Birthday

Create a one-of-a-kind birthday experience that celebrates everything your little girl lives for with our selection of themed birthday party decorations, tableware and more! Whether your princess wants to dance alongside all of her Disney favorites or help Rae save the galaxy with a complete Star Wars party, her birthday bash will be event of the year. From vibrant, eye-catching invitations to goodie bags and personalized party favors, it has never been easier to celebrate your daughter's birthday with an all-out extravaganza!  Calendars will be marked, and anticipation will build as the big day grows nearer. The V.I.P treatment awaits as our decorations, backdrops and other birthday party supplies turn a normal get together into an Instagram-worthy host of photo opportunity Keep the energy high when you choose a bright purple or pink color scheme that will tie your party space together with a polish and cohesion that is both impressive and memorable. The only problem is how are you going to top it next year!

Boy's Birthday

Action and adventure is the order of the day when planning your little boy’s next party! Give them and all their friends a birthday party full of activities, games and light-hearted competition wrapped in an aesthetic showing off your kid’s interests and personality. Grow your party space with wall decorations, cake toppers and more featuring all their favorite Avengers, or take a trip to the farm with a John Deere or barnyard animals theme that everyone will love. When choosing a color scheme, try combining primary colors for a pallet that pops. When in doubt use the color scheme of a professional football team or comic book superhero. These are time-tested, powerful and complementary colors that generate an energy all their own. When your party includes a themed pinata, you have an activity that will have guests running to lineup. Fill it with all the candy and party favors that match your theme, and you are ensuring the good times will last long after the party is over.

Popular Themes

When you are planning your kids next party, your first big decision will be what type of party to throw. Should you go with a standard cake and ice cream-style party at your own home or local restaurant, or think outside the box and plan a celebratory sleepover or pool party which can offer a selection of activities, party favors and overall atmospheric options that simply cannot be replicated in your run-of-the-mill pizza party. For a sleepover, comfort is the aim of the game. Have a few ideas for fun and lazy activities like movie marathons or makeovers. Think of your home as a spa for your child and all their friends. Provide that kind of laid back fun, with plenty of snacks, and your slumber party is destined for greatness. A pool party lends itself to a breezy and tropical theme that will transport everyone to a coastal paradise. Lays, flowers, pinatas and those little umbrellas you put in drinks are just the beginning of the options you have when turning your backyard pool into a five-star beach resort. Make sure the pool is stocked with floats and toys and get the hot dogs are ready to grill, because this birthday party is all about fun in the sun! If a standard restaurant-style is what your child is wanting, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase their favorite movie or TV show with a complete theme that will put everyone right alongside the characters they love. Star Wars, Paw Patrol and PJ Masks are just a few of the crowd-pleasing and attention-getting officially licensed decorative themes you can use to create the party space they've always wanted.

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

Party planning can be a real drain on the brain. Sometimes it's not the easiest thing to come up with ways to keep your party exciting and still remain on theme. We have a collection of awesome ways you can use whatever theme your child wants to make a party experience that is high energy, memorable and every bit the special occasion it should be. Create a Disney ball to complement your daughter's princess theme. Make your refreshments and other decorations resemble some of the supporting characters from her favorite Disney movies. Maybe a scavenger hunt is just what you need try to add a little mystery to your Paw Patrol birthday party. Check out all the amazing party accessories, games and more we have to take your kid's birthday party to whole new level. If you are in need of some inspiration, click here to find some of the top trending kid's birthday party ideas and you are sure to be bursting with new ways to turn a simple theme into the foundation for an all-out extravaganza!

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