Disco Dance Contest

Disco Dance Contest

You don't have to be a super freak to enjoy the disco party game for your child's next birthday. Teach those young kids how to boogie down and shake their groove things during a far out disco dance contest. The 1970s may be over 40 years ago but you can turn the beat around and get a little taste of that groovy era in a matter of minutes. So for you kids next birthday party plan to have a 70s theme and find out who's got the best moves during this game. And most importantly, please remember to either take pictures - of better yet record it with your iphone - during the dance party contest!

What You'll Need:
  • Disco music
  • A trophy or small prize

How to Have a Disco Dance Contest:
  1. Ahead of time, teach everyone how to do the hustle, jive dance and disco dance.
  2. Start the music and ask everyone to go out on the dance floor to dance.
  3. Everyone should try to do their best impersonation of 70s style dancing.
  4. Watch the kids dance for a while and then start to tag the worst dancers.
  5. Anyone tagged has to leave the dance floor immediately.
  6. The last person dancing should be the best dancer.
  7. Award the best dancer a trophy or a small silly prize.

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