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Adult Birthday Party

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Have you been keeping up with the latest trends and fads? Do you know what all the latest lingo is? Test your youth and coolness factor with a contest to see who has the hippest vocabulary in this Over the Hill party game!

What You'll Need:
  • Paper and pens
  • A list of current slang (or access to

Game Ideas:

Print out your favorite list of slang words on a piece of paper. Pass out pens and paper to players. Guests may want to form teams. Have players write down their best guesses and then tally up points at the end. For more fun, have teams read off their answers to see what they came up with. Use the definitions below for inspiration:
  1. inboxia: stress caused by an overloaded email inbox

  2. Crosstext: accidentally sending the wrong text to someone other than the intended recipient while engaging in multiple texts at once

  3. lhh: "Laughing hella hard" or laughing very hard

  4. Cheerleader effect: when a group of girls or guys look cute together, but each individual is not that attractive

  5. Reverse Streaking: running fully clothed through a nudist colony

  6. Friendscaping: the act of trimming ones friend list on a social media site

  7. Antistalking: painstakingly learning another person's routine in order to avoid them

  8. bp;dr: "behind paywall, didn't read", often used by poor college students

  9. Car Sandwich: when a car gets stuck between two larger vehicles such as semi trucks, trailers, etc.

  10. Accidental Jedi: someone who routinely does things that would be awesome if intentional

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