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Justin Beiber Party Theme

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Have Bieber Fever? Justin Bieber is a huge pop sensation and a major talent. It's no wonder your preteen and teen birthday stars would want a Justin Bieber party! Our Justin Bieber party ideas guide includes tips Justin Bieber invitations, Justin Bieber decorations, Justin Bieber games, Justin Bieber inspired food and favor ideas. Follow our Justin Bieber party ideas, tips and tricks for a great birthday! Shop our and Justin Bieber Party Supplies. Browse this guide: Justin Bieber Invitations Justin Bieber Decorations Justin Bieber Food Justin Bieber Party Favors Justin Bieber Games & Activities

What Do I Need For a Justin Bieber Party?

Set up for a Bieber party with the basics like Justin Bieber Party Supplies, tableware, and decorations. Add some star appeal to your event with the following items for your Justin Bieber party:

    • Justin Bieber toys and action figures


  • Justin Bieber movie DVD and music


  • Rock star party favors


  • Purple party supplies (Justin's favorite color!)


  • Justin Bieber cardboard cutouts


  • A karaoke machine


Justin Bieber Party Invitation Ideas

Get a professional look at a low price with our personalized music invitations, which can be printed to include your child's name and all of the party details! Create your own Justin Bieber invitations for a personal touch. This can be a fun activity to get you and your child excited for your Justin Bieber party! Here are some Justin Bieber invitation ideas for your upcoming birthday:
    • Attach a card-style invitation to a personalized Justin Bieber favor such as a bag tag or zipper pull.
  • Include music stickers or tattoos with your invitations. Seal the envelopes with a personalized Justin Bieber sticker printed with your party information or special message.
  • Record your party details to a sound file on your computer and burn them to a blank CD. Print out a CD cover with Justin Bieber invitation details and include the CD in a jewel case.
  • Design your Justin Bieber invitations to look like concert tickets. You can use computer graphics software or simply use scissors and paper.
  • Create a dance floor so your Justin Bieber party guests can show off their moves. Mark off a square in your party area with masking tape for dancing.
  • Use photo editing software to put your child and Justin Bieber on the invitation. Include all the party details next to their picture. For the less computer-savvy, take a picture of your child with all their Justin Bieber clothes and accessories.
  • Use creative writing in your Justin Bieber Invitations. Use the invitation wording below for inspiration:
  Baby, baby, baby, oh, Won't you come to [name's] Justin Bieber party? If you came, it'd make her One Less Lonely Girl! RSVP if you'd Never Say Never! Justin Bieber Invitations Pop Music Invitations Rock Invitations

Justin Bieber Party Decoration Ideas

Justin Bieber Party SuppliesCreate the ultimate fan experiences with the right rock star decorations! For a Justin Bieber birthday, use black, purple and white decorations and supplement your Justin Bieber decorations with rock music party supplies. Find more great Justin Bieber decoration ideas below:
    • Hang Justin Bieber banners at the entrance to the party. Hang posters or cutouts of Justin Bieber, music notes and piano keys around the party area. You can also make posters of song titles such as "Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!" or "If I Were Your Boyfriend." Have your birthday child and friends help out making posters. They'll have a blast coloring decorations together.
  • Get a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber. Let your Justin Bieber party guests take pictures with Justin and send them copies as Bieber party favors.
  • Set up a stage and karaoke machine with your favorite Justin Bieber songs and hold a karaoke contest! You could also set up a dance floor for guests to groove along to Justin's songs. Find some instructional dance videos online and let guests learn
  • Group sets of Justin Bieber balloons that match your Justin Bieber theme around the party area. Include a few rock or music theme balloons for a touch of fun in your Justin Bieber decorations!
  • It's all about the music! Rock out with awesome music themed decorations like trumpets, piano keys, microphones, and drums. Set out inflatable instruments and rock star decorations like music notes, instruments and CDs. Hang old or blank CDs from the ceiling with fishing wire or curling ribbon!

Justin Bieber Party Food Ideas

Add some Justin Bieber themed food into the mix of typical party fare. Here are some suggestions for great rock star snacks:
    • Use fun names to label ordinary Justin Bieber party foods. Serve snacks like "Baby, Baby, Baby Burgers," "One Less Lonely Grilled Chicken Sandwich," "One Time Tacos," and "Eenie Meenie Weenies."
  • Cook up Justin Bieber's favorite foods! Serve Sour Patch Kids , Spaghetti, pizza and orange juice. You can play off his Canadian background by serving fun foods like poutine, Canadian bacon, maple syrup and pancakes, and butter tarts.
  • Justin's favorite color is purple, so cram your Bieber party menu with purple snacks. Try blue corn chips and dip, PB&J finger sandwiches, red grapes and grape soda. Add purple food coloring to light-colored foods like pasta or dip to turn them Bieber's favorite color!
  • Use CD covers and jewel cases to make DIY place cards.
  • Decorate a sheet cake to look like a music stage with a Justin Bieber toy figure, or include an edible picture of Justin. Create your cake to resemble an iPod or other MP3 player and use an edible printout of Justin's album cover for the display window.
  • Create Justin Bieber cake decorations for cupcakes by cutting out pictures of the pop star and taping them to toothpicks. Outline the images with purple borders to match your Justin Bieber theme!
  • Bake microphone cupcakes! Bake your favorite cupcake recipe inside an ice cream cone with a flat bottom. Ice the top in the shape of a microphone and cover the iced part in chocolate cookie crumbs or chocolate sprinkles.

Justin Bieber Party Favors

We've got the cure to Bieber fever and it is a pack full of Justin favors. Give your guests a treat with some of our great Justin Bieber favor ideas:  
  • Sweatbands and hair accessories
  • Justin Bieber CDs or online music gift cards
  • Justin Bieber toys, calendars or other accessories
  • Record your party guests doing karaoke and send them the video or pictures as a favor. You can also take photos of your guests with a Justin Bieber cutout decoration and send the photos with a thank you note!
  • Justin Bieber's favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids, so add a small bag of the sour treats to your Bieber favor bags.
  • Rock Music stickers
      To keep things easy, check out our complete music and Justin Bieber favor sets. Justin Bieber Ultimate Favor set JB Tattoo set Pop Star Favors

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