JoJo Siwa Party

JoJo Siwa Party Ideas and Inspirations

Hey Guys, it’s JoJo! You're putting all your energy into your child’s party, so they better bring the energy like JoJo Siwa, Nick’s biggest star. These JoJo party supplies will bring the bows and the girl power to every single guest in your party. Find her constantly saying “Hey Guys, It’s JoJo?” Be sure to enjoy tons of JoJo birthday decor, favors, and more!

Encourage all your guests to follow your dreams like JoJo when you spread the word about your party with these inspiring JoJo Personalized Invitations. Featuring your favorite girl JoJo and her signature large bow, each guest will want to party with you when they see this cool theme.

Dream crazy big with JoJo themed tableware and cake supplies that spread a positive message for all of your young guests. Lunch and Dinner plates with Siwa’s face on it will keep them smiling and matching napkins and cups are sure to tie it all together. Decorations like JoJo photo backdrops and props provide you with the opportunity to let each of your guests be a star like her!

The fun doesn't stop there. With JoJo Siwa themed colors like vibrant pink and purple balloons, hanging decorations like pinatas, paper straws, and fluffy decorations will keep your theme as vibrant and upbeat as ever. High energy as the girl with the big bow, a bright color scheme will keep the energy alive. There is no one like you and there is no one providing inspiration like JoJo.

Everyone knows who JoJo is and after your party, everyone will know who you are. Send them off with gifts that will have them thinking “Hey Guys, It’s JoJo,” when they think about your event. Don't forget to send them off with personalized JoJo Siwa party favors and thank you cards to seal your theme and tie it together with a - you guessed it - big bow.

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