Say Yo Ho Ho

Yo-Ho-Ho Pirate
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Your Jake and the Never Land Pirates party guests will have a great time following the captain's orders in this pirate game version of Simon Says!

How to Play:

  • Assign one player to be the "captain." The captain will call out commands.

  • The captain should give commands to the other players. Some commands should begin with "Yo ho ho" and others should not.

  • Players should follow the commands that begin with "yo ho ho" and ignore the commands that do not start with "yo ho ho." For example, if the captain said, "Yo ho ho, hop on one foot," players should jump on one foot. If the captain said, "Hop on one foot," players should remain still.

  • If any player follows a command that does not start with "yo ho ho" or does not follow a command that does start with "yo ho ho", the player is out for the rest of the round. The last player left becomes the new captain and gets to call out commands in the next round.

  • You can award the winner of each round gold coins or other small pirate favors as prizes!

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