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Indoor Games & Activities Header Bookmark and Share Whether it's your child's birthday or an unexpected day off from school, its always good to have a list of indoor party games and activities ready to go. Below youll find an awesome collection of rainy day crafts and games that will keep the little ones entertained and will help you to avoid the dreaded phrase, "we're bored!" Browse all ourParty Supplies Browse this guide: Invitations Party Games & Activities Craft Projects Ideas for Girls Ideas for Boys Imaginative Play

Game & Craft Ideas

Indoor Games Easy Indoor Party Games & Activities
  • Have a magazine scavenger hunt. Divide kidsinto teams and hand each team a stack of magazines, scissors, and a list of items they must find and cut out. Possible images to search for could be: a car, an animal, a tree, someone playing sports, a bike, etc.
  • Have a dress-up relay race. Give each team a set of over-sized clothing like: adult boxers, large t-shirts, silly hats, rubber gloves, snow boots, etc., and set the items on chairs on the opposite side of the room. Each team's players can then take turns running to the chairs, putting on all of the clothing, taking it back off, and then running back to tag the next player in line to repeat the process. First team to have each member try on all of the clothing wins!
  • Set up cups of different drinks like apple juice, orange juice, milk, different flavored sodas, etc. Then blindfold children and have them taste each one and guess what theyre drinking.
  • Stage a talent show and record it to watch afterwards. Encourage kids to use a variety of talents. For example, they could tell jokes, sing, show a toy car collection, play an instrument, tell a story with puppets, or demonstrate a somersault.
  • For more indoor game ideas, visit ourTips & Tricks Pageto learn how to play classic games like Simon Says; Red Light, Green Light; and Telephone.
Indoor Craft Projects
  • Make a paper bead necklace. Use colorful paper to create the beads. Cut long strips of the paper in a triangular shape thats about 11 inches long. The bottom end should be about one inch wide and taper to a point at the other end. Begin with the wide end and roll the paper around the pencil. Apply glue to the last inch to form the bead. Slip the bead off the pencil and let the glue dry. Continue until you have enough beads to string onto a piece of yarn to make a necklace.
  • Use leftover paper plates to create a craft that looks like afrogor afish.
  • Make a simplebirdfeederto hang in the yard when the rain stops.
  • Use construction paper strips to make a long paper chain. Hang the paper chain in the room for the rest of the day.
  • Have kids make beaded bracelets, design greeting cards, color pictures, or record a song to give as a gift to someone who has an upcoming birthday.
Indoor Crafts Indoor Games and Craft Ideas for Girls
  • Set up a water play area at the kitchen sinkand throw aBarbie doll pool party!
  • Make a craft bag for each child by filling a paper lunch bag with various items you may have around the house, like pipe cleaners, pom poms, construction paper, stickers, fabric scraps, yarn, cotton balls, and googly eyes. Distribute the bags and let the kids create a masterpiece using just the supplies in their bags. Have glue, scissors and crayons on the table to share.
  • Girls can play "pet store" with their stuffed animalsby designingprice tags and then usingplay money to pretend purchase the pets.
  • Have a tea party with your children and their favorite stuffed animals. Fill a teapot with juice or lemonade, and serve small dishes of cheese, crackers, or cookies.
  • Make a Victorian Fanout of leftover wrapping paper and craft sticks.
Indoor Game and Craft Ideas for Boys
  • Foldpaper airplanesand fly them down a hallway.
  • See who can build the highest tower out of LEGO bricks.
  • Play a game ofsoda bottle bowling.
  • Let the children make paper boats and sail them in a bathtub. They can race the boats by blowing them across the water.
  • Shape play dough into a volcano and watch it erupt! Use green play dough and mold it around a small empty jar to form a mountain shape, covering everything but the opening. Do this on top of a cookie sheet to make clean-up easier. Add a few spoonfuls of baking soda to the empty jar. To make the volcano "erupt", slowly pour vinegar into the jar until the baking soda begins to froth and the foam spills down the sides of the volcano.
Indoor Creative Crafts Indoor Game Ideas that Encourage Imagination
  • Heres a way to get kids to have fun while cleaning their room: hide 5 wrapped pieces of your child's favorite candy in various places around the room (inside drawers, under the pillows, on a window ledge). Make sure you remember where you put them just in case one isn't found. Then, tell your child they are on a special mission to recover lost treasure. The only way to find the treasure is by defeating several obstacles. The obstacles could be The Clothes Monster (a pile of clothes), Mount Messy (an unmade bed), The Closet of Terror (a messy closet), The Terrible Toy Box (a messy toy box) and The Point of No Return (a messy bathroom). Your child will discover a treat after each section of their room is cleaned.
  • Have an indoor picnic by laying out a few blankets and serving lunch on top of them. Invite all of your child's stuffed animals and favorite toys to the picnic.
  • Ask the kids to build a fort with pillows and blankets draped over a table. Let them crawl into their fort and read with a flashlight.
  • Create crafts using recyclables. For example, a box and jar lids can be made into a car. Other shapes can become doll furniture, pet carriers for stuffed animals, or a mini city of skyscrapers. Encourage kids to think creatively.
  • Play "Bomb Squad." Set a kitchen timer for 2 minutes and hide it in a darkened room. The kids are the bomb squad and must follow the ticking sound to find the timer before it rings. Set the timer for less time as the children become better at finding the "bomb."
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