Incredibles Party

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 18, 2018

Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, otherwise known as the Incredibles, are back in action in the movie theaters! Incredibles 2, the sequel to the Academy Award winning 2004 animated film is  breaking some records as Pixar delivers yet another hit. This time Bob works on being a normal dad while Helen gets familiar with her secret identity again... until a new villain emerges! Then it becomes less about showing off their abilities and more about testing their ability to function as a family team. Frozone and his family join the party too. How can anything go wrong, right? Just be ready for a riveting family adventure!

If you have a little one with a birthday coming up, the timing is just right to celebrate with a party filled with spy action, undercover decorations, and heroic supplies (plus incredible budget saving tips)! So grab your mask and slip into your spandex for an Incredibles 2 Birthday Party.

Incredibles 2 Party Invitations

Attention all units! An adorable invitation suite is now available for your Incredibles party! Postcard invitations, red envelopes, sticker steals and save the date stickers are all available in this collection to make your party invite complete.

Incredibles 2 Party Decorations

The Incredibles are a family great at hiding their superhero identify behind stretchy outfits and black masks. Fill the dessert table of your party with undercover decorations based on their costumes starting with a line of masked latex balloons in back. Sure you can use the matching Incredibles 2 balloon weights but you could also use balloon sticks, floral foam and plastic cups for a non helium approach that has the same effect.

Conceal any table elements in front as a faux city. Add scraps of paper in different sizes and colors to black foam core to create a city scape to add in front if your table. Hang a black and white striped tablecloth behind to complete the city scene.

Save the Incredibles 2 printed tablecloth for the eating table. Add matching plates,  napkins and cups to each place and offer some easy to grab snacks in paper bowls down the center. Set a felt mask at each place so everyone can turn into their secret identity!

Incredibles 2 Party Food

It’s no secret that kids love sweets! Break out the colorful chocolate candies and get to work making your very own Incredibles cake as the centerpiece of your dessert table! Learn tips to transfer the logo onto a flat cake and get the candies lined up to represent your favorite superhero family in cake form!

Sweets are always great but make sure to include some healthier food options for guests. The red, orange and black color palette is easy to coordinate with an array of delicious fruits. Watermelon, strawberries, blackberries and oranges are not only delicious but will pops of color to your party table.  Want to make them a little more apPEALing? Use a Sharpie marker to draw the Incredibles mask on each orange peel before displaying it on your dessert table or arrange the cut fruits in the Incredibles logo design!

Those masks can be added to other party elements as well. Cut some out from black cardstock and glue them onto lollipop wrappers. Tip: you can easily make a lollipop stand using floral foam blocks wrapped in gift wrap.

Incredibles 2 Party Activities

Start the game portion of the party with a modern spin on the spin the tail on the donkey game. Jack Jack may be the baby of the Incredibles family, but he fits right in with his red Incredibles suit and black mask. In the case of this game, his mask is missing so have guests take turns to apply Jack Jacks mask coverage on his face while being masked themselves.

Continue getting the kids active and have them complete a DIY spy training course. Have kids stretch themselves as long as they can like Elastigirl and squeeze through some long blanket tunnels you form in the living room. Criss cross strings across the hallway and try to become as invisible as possible, like Violet, and crawl through without touching any of the strings.

Incredibles 2 Party Favors

Create an easy to grab and go take home party favor using an Incredibles 2 favor cup as the container, filling it with themed goodies, like jelly belly bags and tattoos.  Wrap it all up in a cellophane bag and they’ll have fond memories of this incredible party!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs is our superhero party planner! Check out her blog where she covers topics like parties and printables with ease!

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