Milestone Party Ideas

You might be planning for a milestone birthday, like the big 5-0. Maybe you're planning for a teenager who's 13, or 18. You might even be planning for the arrival of a new member of your family. Whether you're celebrating a baby shower, a Sweet 16, or a 30th birthday, figuring out the perfect day for your guest of honor can be a real challenge. Don't sweat it just yet; there are helpful party guides and ideas for every age. Every guide lays out step-by-step instructions and ideas for every part of party planning, so you won't have to do it alone, whether you're decorating, sending invitations, or feeding your guests. There are even suggestions for party gifts and favors that're sure to leave a smile on your guests' faces. So if you're planning for an age that's far and away from your own, you'll have a way to plan the best possible party. Parties for all ages can be a breeze with Birthday In A Box's milestone party supplies.

Every birthday and anniversary is a special occasion but certain milestones are more significant than others. We can help you make your celebration extra special, whether it is a 1st birthday, 16th, 30th or 50th. 

The first birthday is indeed special and when it is time to plan for this celebration, we’ve got you covered. Circus, Rubber Ducky and Sock Monkey are just some of the themes that you can choose from. Each features brightly colored decorations and tableware that kids will just adore and our themed edible cake toppers will make your delicious cakes even more appealing. The celebration can continue after the party is over when you give each guest a favor container filled with goodies. Shop our selection of candy, bubbles, crayons, and personalized items including zipper pulls, cups and magnets and much more. 

A big milestone for teen girls is the 16th birthday. Sweeten the party up with a candy buffet. We have containers in various shapes as well as candy in colors that coordinate to your party’s theme. Even teens want parting gifts when they leave, so order some jellybeans, candy sticks and other sweets to put into a treat bucket, paint can or other container. 

When you reach the big 5-0, party favors are still an important part of the celebration, but you want to get favors for adult guests, such as champagne style bottles filled with jelly beans. And for the young kids, or those young at heart, we have several pinata styles including one shaped like “50.” Decorations include an orange caution cone, scene setter kit, photo props and more. 

Thirty is another special age for adults. At that age, champagne pong is a fun activity so order a game from us. Consider giving wine bottles as favors and wrap them in one of our sequin bags. 

From first birthdays to preteen to sweet 16 to 30 and beyond, each milestone is special in its own way. You can make it even more special, and our party supplies can help.

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