Just Chillin Summer Party Supplies

Ice Cream Party Ideas and Inspirations

Summer time is great. The weather is warm, the sun stays out longer, and the kids are home from school to keep your days filled with excitement. What better way to beat the heat and satisfy their need for something to do than with a cool, themed party? Whether you’re thinking 1950s style ice cream social, or a froyo catered event, you can’t go wrong with these ice cream party supplies on the menu!

First thing’s first, though, start your planning off right by sending out invitations from our invitations and thank yous page. These adorably sweet cards are ready for personalization.

Customize them any way you want and send unique invites to each and every member of your party. Once you’ve got your guest list set it’s time to turn your focus to the decorations.

Hot fudge sundae balloons, rainbow sprinkled piñatas filled with candy and tableware to match is a good place to start, but if you really want to drive home your point try serving up the birthday cake in a bowl designed to look like an ice cream cone. That’s just one of the many cake supplies aimed at making your vision of a sweet party come to fruition. Extra brownie points for any parent who dresses up as an ice cream man for the event.

Once the cake has been eaten and the party seems to be winding down send your guests home with a little something to remember the occasion. Reusable tote bags filled with party favors and gifts is a great idea for this. Fill them with popsicle plushies, ice cream cone slushy and milkshake sipper cups, and all other manner of bits and baubles. At the end of the day, this party will be so popular that your kids’ friends will be begging for an invite to your next bash before this one is even over!

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