Ice Cream Party Ideas

It's time to start screaming for ice cream! Our ice cream party guide includes suggestions for invitations, decorations, food, favors, recipes and games that will coordinate perfectly with your party theme. We even include a recipe for ice cream cake that your guests will devour.

Ice Cream Party Planning & Invitations

In addition to ice cream party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Ice Cream party:

  • Ice cream toppings such as sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream, candy, cherries and hot fudge
  • Lot of flavors of ice cream
  • Ice cream cones or waffle bowls
  • Ice cream scoops
  • A blender for making milkshakes
  • You may also want to see if your local ice cream truck can stop by during the party!
Scoop up the excitement early in the planning stage by sending your guests creative invitations. You can purchase one of our ice cream invitations or make some yourself. If you have the time, here are some delicious-looking options.
  • Include a small treat or toy with your invites that fit the theme. For an ice cream party you could include a spoon, a packet of rainbow sprinkles or some ice cream flavored candy.
  • Create a banana split or large ice cream sundae filled with toppings and then take a photo. This photo can be the front of your invitation. Write "We All Scream for Ice Cream!" on top of the photo. Print the party details on the back of each photo.
  • Draw or use a computer illustration program to create a dessert menu.

Ice Cream Party Decorating & Food

Ice Cream Party Decoration Ideas

  • Make your party room look like a 50s ice cream parlor. Decorate with bar stools, small tables and chairs for all your guests. Play music from the 50s and 60s in the background. Serve food diner style and ask an adult to take orders at each table. You can even print small menus that list the food choices and the name of your ice cream parlor!
  • Create a mini ice cream truck by placing a cooler on top of a wagon. Inside the cooler you can place a lot of ice and novelty ice cream bars. Write all the ice cream selections on tag board and tape it to the front of the wagon.
  • Use popular ice cream flavors as an inspiration for your balloon and streamer colors such as pastel orange, mint green, chocolate brown and light yellow.
  • Create a banner that reads "I Scream for Ice Cream!" Use long craft paper, markers and ice cream stickers.
  • Serve snacks in banana split boats or ice cream dishes.
  • Create ice cream cone balloons! Inflate helium latex balloons in pastel colors that resemble ice cream such as white and pink. Attach the balloons to balloon weights with curling ribbon. Cut out a paper cone from brown construction paper and wrap it around the ribbon and base of the balloon to create an ice cream cone.

In addition to pizza, chicken fingers or hamburgers, you can add some ice cream inspired treats into the mix. Here are some tasty suggestions.

  • Hotdog Split: Place a hot dog that's sliced in half horizontally on a bun open face and serve inside a banana spilt boat. Surround the hot dog slices with ketchup, mustard and relish or with chili or macaroni and cheese.
  • Use an ice cream shaped cookie cutter to make small shaped sandwiches. You can serve peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat on whole grain bread.
  • Serve fresh piping hot waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
  • Serve veggies in ice cream sundae dishes or banana boats.
  • Set up an ice cream bar where children can make their own sundaes. Provide a variety of flavors and toppings.
  • Create milkshakes to order by combining vanilla or chocolate ice cream with different flavored syrups in a blender with 1 cup of milk.
  • Make ice cream sodas or root beer floats.

Ice Cream Party Favors

Thank your guests with delicious looking party favors! To find a large variety of Ice Cream party favors, visit our ice cream party page and click the "Party Favors" tab or the "More Fun Stuff" tab. Some of the favors we have include:

  • Ice cream shaped straws
  • Ice cream lip gloss
  • Ice cream putty
  • Ice cream cookie cutters
  • Ice cream stickers
  • Ice cream punch cones
  • Popsicle shaped lollipops
Also check out our complete favor sets and personalized products such as zipper pulls, placemats, and stickers.

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