How To Train Your Dragon Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

last updated June 14, 2016

It's time to gather all the little vikings for an incredible training session. Your little one and friends will have the opportunity to become dragon riders. We have a ton of amazing party supplies and suggestions for you to create a magical celebration. Let this guide show you how to become the teacher of their tribe.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Planning & Invitations

An incredible theme party should be filled with exciting decorations and trimmings for the guests to enjoy. Activities and refreshments are vital when setting up your event. Choose the best accessories to enhance the experience. In addition to the basic How to Train Your Dragon party supplies, you may want to consider obtaining the following items for your themed party:

Make sure to send out invitations that let each guest know exactly what type of party they will be attending. An excellent invitation includes a catchy opening, location, time, date, and any additional and relevant information. Purchase one of our invitations, or create custom invites calling all future dragon riders to meet for their first training session. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:
  • Address invitations in calligraphy, either by hand or using a computer font
  • Create a syllabus style guide with courses highlighting the activities for the day.
  • Cut paper into the shape of wings, and use it as a decorative invite.
  • Using a lighter, carefully burn the edges of the invitations to look like a dragon breathed fire on the paper. It is best to do this over a sink.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Decorating & Food

There are plenty of different ways to decorate your How to Train Your Dragon birthday party. Blue and green colored decor pair well with the dragons, and yellow and red decor give off the appearance of flames. Here are some more decoration ideas:

  • Balloons add a festive ambiance to any party setting.
  • Create a dragon manual with training instructions for the guests to study.
  • Hang a banner at the entrance welcoming guests to the celebration.
  • Make fire flames out of construction paper to hang on the walls, and dragon's feet to place on the floor.

How to Train Your Dragon Decorations

Tasty treats and refreshing drinks will keep the kids happy in between the fun and games. Whether you are purchasing the goods or making them yourself, keep it light and kid-friendly. The more fun you have with the snacks, the more likely you are to leave a huge smile on their faces. We have some really entertaining ideas for all your delicious eats:

  • Create dragon-themed bites; such as Fireballs (Cheese puff balls), dragon teeth (Bugles), dragon food (Goldfish and Swedish Fish).
  • Roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire.
  • Bake dragon-shaped cookies as a neat dessert.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Favors

Handing out fun party favor bags is a wonderful way to end the celebration. Once your guests complete their training, a fun reward will make them appreciate their accomplishments. Order one of our kits, or create your own favor kits using these incredible items:

  • Dragon Figurines
  • Medieval Goblets - they make the perfect storage vessel for candy and small favors
  • Inflatable swords and shields
  • Stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Dragon blowouts
  • Dragon flying toys

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