How to Make a Cape

How to Make a Cape

Transform a child instantly into a superhero, magician or wizard by making them their very own cape! These instructions are so easy that you'll be able to make enough capes for all your guests in no time.

To Make One Cape You Will Need:

  • A 45cm x 35cm piece of fabric in a solid color (we recommend flannel or cotton fabric)
  • 2 small square pieces of peel and stick Velcro®
  • Scissors
  • Fabric paint (optional)

Common Cape Colors:
  • Thor: Red
  • Superman/Supergirl: Red
  • Batman: Black or blue
  • Robin: Yellow
  • Magician: Black
  • Harry Potter: Black
  • Wizard: Purple (or purple with stars)

How to Make a Cape:
  1. Carefully cut a 45cm x 35cm rectangle out of your fabric. Note: Some sewing supply stores may be nice enough to cut the fabric for you.
  2. Launder and then iron the fabric flat.
  3. Depending on the character the cape is for (like Batman), you may want to cut a zigzag pattern at the bottom of the cape.
  4. Affix one piece of Velcro 1 inch down and 1 inch over from the top left corner of the cape on the inside.
  5. Affix the other piece of Velcro 1 inch down and 1 inch over from the top right corner of the cape on the inside.
  6. If you'd like, you or your child can use fabric paint to create a logo on the cape.
  7. After the paint dries the cape is ready to wear!

Note: If you don't have Velcro, you can just tie the capes onto the children by the top two corners.

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